Damn Right Donnie’s In Trouble With Celtics Fans



I’m going to admit something here:  I’m just like Vince Carter.  I’m also religiously checking my statistics (zing!)

So when I saw that a bunch of New Kids On The Block fans started hitting the site, I knew it was because I announced Donnie Wahlberg is dead to me.  A couple of clicks (and 1 membership later) and bingo… Liv23 is the culprit.  I’ll be she totally *hearts* Donnie too.  What a shame.  Now you killed his rep in Boston.  I hope you can live with that.

Donnie, you’re currently dead to me.  But you can make it up to Celtics fans by groveling for mercy… and wearing one of our “Losers” Lakers T-Shirts in a movie.  Then I’ll consider forgiving you.  Have your people email me.

And yes… I joined a New Kids board… because that’s how far we’ll go for you people.


3 Responses

  1. there is a line some where. and joining a new kids board may be crossing it.

  2. I’m willing to toe that line Idaho Jim.

  3. A comment on the NKOTB message board by “John Bagley the Real #5” regarding a Dorchester and patrons of a bar there (The Banshee) not taking kindly to traitors was deleted…

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