Is KG a Bully?

Here’s a blurb from Mitch Lawrence’s column in the NY Daily News:

Kevin Garnett has been going after smaller guys, including Toronto’s Jose Calderon and Milwaukee’s Luke Ridnour, and it’s starting to hurt his rep. One executive said of Garnett, “He’s nothing but an instigator.” With several teams complaining about Garnett’s antics in recent weeks, the league has taken note.

He’s always yapping and trying to psyche out guys. But I don’t think he picks on smaller guys. Remember he got suspended for his vicious knockout of Andrew Bogut. As for the teams complaining to the league, I have this response:



8 Responses

  1. Zaza Pachulia last year in the playoffs, Bogut, McDyess back in the day, Pryzbillia in practice, Peeler in WCF, Francisco Elson when he was on the Nuggets, got into with Duncan way back when. He doesn’t discriminate with regards to height nor is this bullying….He play’s with passion, intensity, and drops f-bombs at will. It’s who he is.

    FWIW, If I was in the NBA, I would definitely pick on Ridnour…

  2. OMG are these really manly NBA players whining like school girls to their teachers?

    It is all political. KG is the same as he ever was. Nobody made a big deal of it when he played for the Timberwolves. It is only an issue now because he is a champion,

    It is all about getting him off his game so the NBA wimps out there who do not play defense have an easier time of it

  3. P.S. Did they cry on the streets of the city because of size? Hedoes not back down on any size.

    talk about losin street cred

  4. Sounds like something Quentin Richardson would complain about…

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  6. He does anything he can to help his team win – if that means getting inside the head of weakminded pg’s then he’ll do it…..

  7. If KG did that to guys like ron artest or stephen jackson, he’d get his arse dropped to the ground. Sorry.

  8. So you’re the guy that threw the beer at Artest?

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