A Little Perspective

Don’t have much time this morning, but I would like to share a little perspective with everyone.

I know one consistent theme so far is the fact that the Celtics haven’t really played a top-to-bottom great game yet… which is amazing when you think that we’re 13-2. In a recent conversation with a blogger for an opposing team, I brought up that same point. And here’s his response:

What? This is what the team looks like when you don’t have everyone clicking? I think the rest of the teams might as well waive a white flag on the season right now.

That’s what we think too. And it’s something Lakers fans should keep in mind. LA is playing ridiculous basketball right now… in November. The Celtics are playing inconsistent basketball… and we’re 13-2. The safest bet in the universe right now, besides the sun rising and setting, is the Celtics finally clicking in May… right about the time the Lakers start playing a little more inconsistently.

Herald: Subs heat it up | Globe: Celtics perplex foes | Camerato: Cassell, Perk serving turkeys today | Cape Cod Times: Good times for Boston teams


7 Responses

  1. I can’t believe the “Red Head from Nedham” passed away.. Sorry Tommy.

  2. WHAT?

  3. Tanguay announced it last night on Sports Tonight. That must have been why Tommy wasn’t in the studio for the Toronto game on Sunday.

  4. Check out the very end of thesubs heating up article.

  5. Totally missed that. Got it now.

  6. The lakers have been very inconsistent too with their games if you dont know guys. We are now 5th in defensive rating from being the first the past few weeks.

  7. umm thats not inconsistency thats dropping to their true level great defensive teams don’t crumble the first time another team playing any defense shows up on their home court see detroit game

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