How The C’s End A Quarter

It’s a simple play, but it’s a nice little breakdown of one of the Celtics final-second plays.

CelticsBlog found this interesting note about Glen Davis’ newly found jumper.  The team has encouraged him to start using it.  I like it.  A guy his size should be a threat to pull up from 10-12 feet.  But along with the jumper, he’ll need to work on the handle to burn a defender that gets too close.  If he can bang that shot without the ability to put it to the floor, then a defender can just play up on him and not worry about getting beat.

And KG is part of some big Addidas party.

Umm…. can I go?


11 Responses

  1. Does KG say Rae and Meth will be there?

  2. Red and Meth

  3. Just a couple of Celeb/NBA look-a-likes
    Method man – Rasheed Wallace
    Redman – Eddie House
    E.T./ Hellboys alien partner – Cassel
    Geico Caveman – Zaza Pachulia

    Thats just my take though….

  4. No way. Meth looks like Kenyon Martin.

    GZA looks like Michael Finley. And for some reason I always think of RZA when I see Chauncey Billups. Definitely agree with you about Redman looking like Eddie House.

  5. GZA does look like Finley… I don’t see RZA/Chauncey, but I still think Meth looks more like Rasheed.

  6. They usually end the qtr with a missed bucket?

  7. i wish they would end the quarters like this: (check the 1:40 mark

  8. it was an open shot.

  9. just got done watching the Cavs mabye it was the 18 pack of Miller Lite but they look really good I know it was the Knicks and all……but still D.West is playing great!!!!! A WIRE HANGER!!!!!

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  11. ha, i know, just breakin balls, guy.

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