Thanksgiving Turkeys

That, my dear friends, is what is known as a Turbaconducken.  It is, of course, a turkey, stuffed with a duck, that was stuffed with a chicken… and the whole thing is wrapped in bacon.  Today, someone will eat that.  Tomorrow, that person’s heart will explode.  (via frumpzilla)

So in the spirit of the holidays, and this disgusting… thing… I present you the turkeys of the NBA so far.

Cap-clearing GM’s:  Half the league is clearing a ton of cap space for the mythical 2010 free agent class.  To me, it makes no sense because it’s 2 years away and ANYTHING can happen.  What if the Cavs reach the NBA finals in the next two years?  Will LeBron really leave that for a Knicks team that has sucked for two years?  The ONLY thing that can raise LeBron’s profile, and earning potential, is a ring.  It’s not like he’s toiling in obscurity in Cleveland.  Meanwhile, ANY team he goes to will be totally rebuilding around him because half their roster will be gone.  A lot of teams are going to get really screwed in 2 years.

Clay Bennett: Your reward for screwing over Seattle so you can high-tail it to OKC?  A crappy team name, a 1-15 start and boos at home.

Stephon Marbury: The Knicks and Stephon have been battling it out all season long.  Now, he’ s flat out refusing to play.  I prefer to remember Steph this way (after skipping to the 2:35 mark).

Mitch Kupchak: Everyone’s drooling over the Lakers right now, but they STILL haven’t addressed their most pressing need: toughness.  After getting punched in the gut by the Celtics, the only move Kupchack made was giving Andrew Bynum about $15 million a year.  His current averages:  11. 5 points, 9 rebounds.  Not exactly $15 million player numbers.  So yippee… the Lakers are 12-1.  They’ve played exactly ONE team that plays physical basketball:  Detroit.  They lost that game.  Yes, that means something.

Enjoy your turkey!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses

  1. Happy turkey day all ,hope your enjoy it with people you care about and a bottle you care about!

  2. Good to see Tony Battie playing again. The Magic only used 3 bench players, that can’t be good for them come post season.

  3. The Turbaconducken is a glorious thing of beauty and plan on devouring one on Christmas.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the C’s fans out there.

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