The Lakers Are Setting Up For Failure

The Lakers are trying to figure out how to beat the Boston Celtics.  It’s the only thing on their minds.  ‘How can we beat the Celtics’… ‘how can we avoid being embarrassed again?’…

And their answer is: defense.

“The thought process is that you want to win a championship. In order to beat a Boston, you’ve got to be a better defensive team than Boston,” Kobe Bryant said. “If you want to hoist that trophy at the end of the year, we’ve got to be a great defensive team. That’s the only way to get it done.”

And I’ll admit, the Lakers have been playing better defense this year.  The beauty of this is that they’re setting themselves up to get smoked again.  The reason is their over-reliance on zone defense.

“Kurt’s been pestering me for a year or so about doing some things defensively that I was reluctant to do,” Jackson said. “I come from the old school where you play man [defense], and you have that man and that’s your primary goal.”

The Lakers now use a lot of zone principles and try to keep the ball on one side of the court.

They put pressure on the ballhandler to try to force him to a particular side and then often overload the area by sending an extra defender to stand down near the post, essentially shifting the defense from man-to-man to zone.

The problem with this is the Celtics have Rajon Rondo… and the Lakers have no one on their team that can force Rajon to do anything he doesn’t want to do.  Even if he goes where they want, and they shift into a zone, he can split any defenders they throw at him and set up camp in the lane.  Once he’s there, he can pick the guy he wants to pass to.

Beyond that, one back-pick on the opposite side will open up wide open shots.  One skip pass later and the whole thing falls to crap.  So enjoy your modest success while it lasts, Lakers.  I look forward to demolishing your easily-exploited defense on Christmas day.

As for today:  We’ll get our first look at the Elton Brand-led Sixers.  This will be a good test for the C’s.  The Sixers match up well against the  Celtics… and this might come down to bench vs. bench in the end.  Then again, the Sixers haven’t quite figured out how to play with each other… so they might have some lapses that let the Celtics blow this thing open.

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12 Responses

  1. Damn you PoZ. Just when I was getting over you, you go ahead and drain a clutch 3-pointer to beat the Nuggets. Oh the heartache….

  2. haha yeah i was watching that last night and got some deja vu

  3. What I dont understand about the Lakers is the fact that they made no real roster moves over the summer. How does that translate into beating the Celtics?

    Brandon Hansen

  4. Savior Bynum is how they translate beating us. But we have the Beast, so I’m not really worried.

    Actually, they don’t have the personnel to stop Pierce, Rondo or KG. And when they leave Ray open on the double team, they are again in trouble.

    This year the Celts will have to throw Pierce and the Allen Bros at KoMe, with the absence of PoZ. The Flakers are still pretty deep and they may get home court this year, so we might just have to beat them in Game 7 here in L.A. That may be just about as nice as crushing them by 39 last finals.

  5. The lakers have a legit PG alright. That muslim terrorist lookalike jordan farmar.

  6. haha yeah the lakers go deep and are built for the long season and I do expect them to win the most games because of that but in the playoffs the roster shrinks and the pressure builds, they still arent the defensive team they want to be so I still don’t think they can win it all, they are seriously too soft, when facing physical teams they buckle.

  7. hahaha! blah blah blah! say all what you want to say celdicks suckers! let’s see what will happen in christmas day when we shut your celdicks down!



  10. The gene pool is shallow in this thread of comments. More so than usual…

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  12. […] This was maybe the easiest prediction in the world to make.  How long have we been saying that the Lakers have done ZERO to add any toughness to that team?  And a month ago, I explained exactly why that Lakers defense was bound to fail. […]

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