Vote Rondo

I’m officially launching the campaign right now.  It’s the third quarter of an ugly destruction of the Philadelphia 76’ers… and Rajon Rondo is just doing whatever he wants.  6 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists into this game… it’s time to get Rajon Rondo into the All Star game.  Click here to vote.  Other bloggers can steal the image if you want.  Just get Rondo into the All Star game.


5 Responses

  1. I have been doing my part, voting for all 5 every day on 3 different IP addresses, as well as Big Al and a bunch of random scrubs that somehow made it on the ballot in the west. Chris Wilcox gets 3 votes a day from me.

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  3. […] Wouldn’t it?  And besides, I’m on record as driving the Vote Rondo bandwagon. […]

  4. […] look what’s happening. And if you don’t believe us that we were the first-ish (sorry Redsarmy), just ask Mr. Truehoop whos been getting bombarded with emails from us on this […]

  5. […] an argument that sounds amazingly like the one we’ve been making for months, Steve Bulpett says in today’s Herald that Rondo’s importance to this team makes him […]

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