Better Than Expected

(Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Celtics made it through their 6th back-to-back situation in a month.  That’s 1/3 of their back-to-backs out of the way in one month.  The’ve got no more than 3 in any month from now on.  And they’ve managed to lose only one of those back-end games.

In fact, the Celtics have come out of this first-month gauntlet better than expected.  Even though they coasted in a few games (like last night)… and the starters are playing fewer minutes… the Celtics are 16-2.  Thank the bench and a few killer 3rd quarters for that.  I would have been perfectly happy if the Celtics were 14-4 or 13-5 at this point because I know the Celtics haven’t consistently played their best basketball.  For them to be 16-2 is a bad sign for the rest of the league.

I think Cleveland is due to come down a little because there’s no way LeBron is going to keep up this ridiculous pace.  And I don’t think the Lakers are going to make it through December with only 1 loss.  So while the other hot stories in the NBA are due to level off a little… the Celtics best basketball is still ahead of them.

Down in the D-League… Bill Walker and JR Giddens continue to tear it up.  Walker scored 26 points and had 5 rebounds while Giddens had 17 and 6, albeit in a loss.  Walker did have 7 turnovers, though.

And last night was a night of HUUUUUGE performances in the NBA.  Here are some highlights:

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18 Responses

  1. Devin Harris is a top 5 point guard in the league.

    Paul, Williams, Harris, Parker, Harris in my opinion.

    Billups, Calderon, Rondo, Davis, and Kidd round out the top 10.

  2. I meant to say,

    Paul, Williams, NASH, Parker, and Harris.

  3. That’s a solid ranking. Hard to dispute that right now. Harris is having a monster year. He’s forcing himself into the conversation

  4. Only thing bad is Lebron isn’t averaging that many minutes. Cleveland’s bench is a bit deeper then it has been as well as their starting five. Which could allow to keep this paste for a while.

  5. Cavs should keep up a pace similar to this the rest of the year I don’t see why Lebron can’t keep this up, last year he averaged 30/7/7 and Lakers should be able to keep their pace because of how damn deep they are, they are built for the regular season, so every game is going to count this season in order to determine home court in the playoffs, this should be an interesting year and I think celtics, cavs and lakers all probably win over 60 games this season

  6. Duhon’s 22 assists were quite eye-opening. One of my friends told me that she wants to have Duhon’s babies.

  7. There’s no way Kidd is still in the top 10, his shooting percentage has been miserable in the past two seasons.

  8. DEVIN HARRIS: 47 points 8 assists 7 rebounds tonight in a win at Phoenix.

    Take notice of his play, because he is single-handedly making New Jersey a solid team this year.

  9. And yeah, you are right about Kidd Kareem….. I was just giving him respect for his past accomplishments.

  10. Kidd’s having a decent season. It’s never about shooting % with him.

    Harris is in another world right now.

  11. Yeah, the Celts are off to a great start. But it’s only setting you guys up for bitter disappointment. This is The Year of the Laker, and so is 2010 & 2011.

    If LAL doesn’t get best all-time single season win/loss record this year, they’ll cinch it up next year for sure – as Bynum, Ariza, Vujacic & Co. continue to mature and become a stronger compliment to Kobe, Pau, etc.

    Savor the memory of your fluke ’08 win against a hobbled Laker squad. Your party’s over.

  12. Stop blogging immediately! The Lakers are going to 3-peat, starting in June of ’09. You’re wasting your time!

  13. KG, Pierce, Iverson, Michael Vick, OJ Simpson – they’re all in the same boat.

    Lowlife behavior won’t overcome Laker greatness, guys. Face the facts.

  14. Lol, wow didn’t know there was so many douchebag lakers fans on here.

  15. Hey Steve, you couldn’t put all those things into one post? Anyways funny you call KG an PP “lowlifes” have you forgotten Kobe Bryant is on your team?

    November is a little early to say you are going to win 70+ games isn’t it? Like the man said, you have played one game against a physical team that can exploit that over use of the zone, and what happened? The defense was picked apart and they got beat up. Yeah, by a team the C’s have demolished. Twice.

    I’ll take some Laker fan talking trash though, fans of your team sort of have that right, unlike random flash in the pan Hawks fans. What happened to them anyways?

  16. KG, Pierce, Iverson, Michael Vick, OJ Simpson – they’re all in the same boat.

    Lowlife behavior won’t overcome Laker greatness, guys. Face the facts.
    Steve – December 1, 2008 at 1:09 am

    Apparently, Steve forgot about Kobe’s rape problems.

    Don’t seem to remember either KG or Pierce being brought up on felony rape charges.

  17. How about when Radmonovich mangled his leg snowboarding or something like that 2 yrs ago and lied to Lakers management as to not breach his contract.

    LA DeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBags

  18. Don’t forget Sasha’s sex change which really never took. It’s ok Sasha, you probably weren’t physical enough for the WNBA either.

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