Lakers Choke Against Pacers

I’m going to guess our normal Lakers trolls won’t be coming around to celebrate this:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP)—Danny Granger scored 32 points and led Indiana back from a 15-point fourth-quarter deficit, and Troy Murphy’s buzzer-beating tip-in completed an improbable 118-117 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night.

The Lakers came into the game with seven straight wins, the league’s best record and reigning MVP Kobe Bryant. But even another terrific night from Bryant, who scored 28 points, wasn’t quite enough.

Indiana trailed 101-86 at the start of the fourth quarter, but methodically chipped into the lead.

Get ready for a Celtics blow out.  Indy coming off a huge, emotional comeback… then coming into Boston the next day is a recipe for a huge letdown.

— I figured I’d update this post with a couple of the comments left for us by Lakers fans after our loss to Indiana:

Ha ha haha hah aha ha. you lost to the f’n pacers. yeah, you guys are real good. ha ha ha


damn those celtics go spanked come on man champs don’t lost to pacers. Lakers are looking good right now. Spank portland and clippers. And now won a close game against the nuggets. Will see you in the Finals if you get there


14 Responses

  1. I was so mad when the Pacers let them go on a 13-0 run to end the 3rd. Then they came back. Nice work schedule maker, home-away back to back against Lakers/Celtics then the C’s again on Sunday. Ouch.

  2. Im just as happy as anyone the Lakers lost but remember we too lost to pacers…..but we will show up against them tomorrow, destroy those dudu ass players they have

  3. Lakers fans and media can now shut up about the Lakers a little bit now. Knowing them though it won’t

  4. I love this Indiana joins Boston and Detroit as major streak killers this seasons. Lakers still choking away big leads at least this time it was on the road.

  5. Seems they haven’t changed all that much from last June, blowing huge leads in the 4th is a recurring theme for them :)

  6. Fucking Pacers!! YOu guys destroy them for us! those bitches are killing us finalist.. LOL

  7. At last, my laker brethren, we can unite against a common enemy. The green will join forces with the purple and gold and become an unstoppable force, the likes of which has never been seen!


    Suck and egg Lakers

  8. They are not supposed to lose when Bynum plays. What happened? Oh the horror….

  9. choke? before you say something like that, may i remind you redsarmy, who sh** in your face 79-95? Exactly, you piece of shit. Before you go out and state something like this, check out what happened to your team as well.

  10. I’m not sure why we need to fight retardation (talking about the result of one game like it means anything) with more retardation. But hell, I’ve got plenty of retardation to spare. LOL@THELAKERS

  11. Before you go out and state something like this, check out what happened to your team as well.

    Posted by Detroit >Boston

    November 9th, 2008

    Boston 88
    Detroit 76

    November 20th, 2008

    Detroit 80
    Boston 98

    By this logic perhaps you should chose a different name?

    Also why in one sentence do you censor a word, then in another type it out. Your consistency is much like your team’s.

  12. Average Detroit Pistons IQ = 115
    Average Detroit Piston Fan IQ = 74

  13. A win is a win, a loss is a loss. Who cares about a fucking regular season game. See you in the Finals.

    Oh and “They are not supposed to lose when Bynum plays. What happened? Oh the horror….”

    You’re stupid.

  14. Tell that to all the Laker trolls that came hollering after the Celtics loss in Indy.

    We don’t pick fights. We finish them.

    …. Ok… we pick fights too… but we still finish them.

    Fuck the Lakers

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