Pierce or Carmelo?

That is the question being posed on Dime Magazine.

Part of the argument for Paul:

P-Double is a warrior. Night after night this guy just gets it done. So much so that the two All-Star teammates that flank him just keep feeding him the rock in the clutch.  Unlike Anthony, Pierce demands the ball and can take over games. Leading Boston to their ninth straight win last night over Eastern Conference foe Orlando, Pierce scored 17 of his 24 points in the third quarter alone. With the game on the line, Pierce is like a bull in a china shop, barreling to the bucket for either the deuce or the foul.

Which is countered by:

The strongest pro-Pierce argument is his proficiency as a clutch scorer, but ’Melo is just as — if not more — adept at coming through in clutch situations. According to the number-crunching website 82games.com, which defines “clutch time” as “fourth quarter or overtime, less than five minutes left, neither team ahead by five points,” Carmelo put up 36.3 points per 48 minutes of clutch time last season, while Pierce averaged 20.2 points.

So… what do you think?  Who is better:  Pierce or Anthony?


12 Responses

  1. That clutch ranking by 82games.com couldn’t be more flawed. Did you see all the guys ranked “more clutch” than Pierce? Here are some names…Ben Gordon, Kevin Durant, Jamal Tinsley, Kevin Martin, Raymond Felton, Al Jefferson….need I go on? How about Mike Dunleavy and Damon Jones?

    Its a BS list….I’d be embarassed to publish something like that on my blog…and I’ve done some crazy shit.

  2. If you ask me their offensive game is a wash so that leaves Defense as the deciding factor & thats an easy pick.. Pierce!

  3. This isn’t even debateable. Pierce is better than Melo. He’s been out of the first round and more importantly won a championship. Pierce plays defense, and has led the Celtics to two of the greatest comebacks in NBA playoff history.

  4. Is there even an argument? Ok Melo put up more points per 36 minutes of “clutch time” or whatever, but there are a few other guys on the Celtics that can step up in “clutch time” unlike on the Nuggets. Crap like that is so flawed, like Hollinger’s power rankings system. If there was some mathematical formula that could accurately tell you who is the best or whatever, I’d be a millionaire making a living in Vegas.

  5. Dime Magazine.

    The only place where “Clutch” involves getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs every year of your career.

  6. So who is more clutch T-MAC or ‘Melo?

  7. who has the ring nuff said…………. o yea what about game 7 vs the Cavs CLUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What does better mean anyway? You can’t compare them, but if I’d have to choose one guy for my team to win now: I’d go with Pierce. If I’m going for the next 7-10 years, I’d go with ‘Melo.

    Anyway, Paul Pierce is the better player right now – no doubt about it.

  9. Being a fan is a funny thing. If ‘Melo was a Celtic and Pierce was a Nugget, we’d be praising our smooth Caramello as the best thing since Dove chocolate.

    I used to think Anthony was more hype than anything else, but then I looked at his game and his stats. He really is a hell of a player. He is stuck on an in between team that can’t quite get the right pieces to make something of themselves. (Well until our first round point guard made his way out there, and Nene finally got a chance to play)

    I’ve said before that I have not always been a fan of Pierce (until he won me over last year with his defense and less use of that ridiculous spin in the lane, that was one of the most predictable moves in the league I thought) but now I wouldn’t pick anyone over him (except maybe LeBron) and I think the whole debate is silly, wicked silly.

  10. Smooth Caramello?

  11. I hope you guys got to see the end of that Lakers Pacers game.

  12. Both Melo and Pierce have been the best players on their team since the day they were drafted, both have been forced to be the leaders of franchises coming off runs of bad years from day one, and both have been the franchise players of their respective teams all along, through five years into their careers both had led their team to a playoff birth, Pierce advanced to the conference finals melo did not

    pierce’s talented squad he worked with through his early playoff run: antoine wlaker, tony battie, kenny anderson, eric williams, walter mccarty, tony delk, rodney rodgers

    carmelo would go back to syracuse if he had to play with that team

    why does everyone continuously discount what pierce has acheived playing in the NBA, i still hear fans make comments like dirk is better or melo is better but the fact is this; paul pierce is the truth so shut hell up

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