In the Holiday Spirit


Fresh off a weekend trip to Santa’s Village with the family, I’ve decided to forego a blog analyzing the match-ups in tonight’s Celtics-Pacers game (I’ll be there – Sec 20), in lieu of some Christmas cheer.

Courtesy of the Blazers blog, Blaze of Love, here are some pictures sure to invoke your favorite Yuletide memories.


More pictures…after the jump.



More at Blaze of Love


9 Responses

  1. Ummm

    Great pictures?

  2. ha ha the knicks are the most valuable nba team for 4th straight year, not even all your championships can increase the value of your franchise above the knicks. you aint better than us celtics ha ha. everyone sucks but the knicks, to use your words cletics.

  3. Another win for NY public schools! nice grammar dude

  4. You know your team is horrible when you have to troll other teams blogs, with “we might not win games, but our team is worth more than yours.” Seriously?

  5. The post has been fixed. Sorry. Don’t even know what the problem was.

  6. Great game so far tonight! So if people beer for Scal one more time tonight I may freak out. I can’t believe these fans coaxing him
    to take 3’s all night.

  7. Rondo: 15, 13, 17, I’ll take it!!!!!

  8. i’ll second that. some chump actually dropped him in my $$ fantasy league. i’m killin’ him this week , or you could say he’s getting rondo’d

  9. Thanks for the link!

    I can’t wait for this year’s dancer outfits. :)

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