Will People Still Get Rondo’d?

Rajon Rondo has been a Reebok guy… until this season.  Reebok… the company that put out these “Rondo’d” ads, is apparently being dumped for Nike.  I didn’t even notice, because Rajon’s been wearing very monocrhomatic kicks every night.  Maybe this is something nicekicks.com will be able to explain.

Rondo was dishing assists last night… by helping feed the needy in Mansfield.

As for tonight… the Celtics have revenge on their minds.

“We definitely want to try to make a statement in this game that the last game in Indiana wasn’t us and we’re going to be a better team come (tonight),” said Paul Pierce, who shot 3-of-15 from the floor with four turnovers in that loss.

“We definitely want to play better than we did the first time. And of course when you’re playing in the Eastern Conference you want to win as many series as you can.”

So we’ve got the motivated Celtics playing an inconsistent team travelling to play on consecutive nights after a huge 4th quarter comeback at home.  Yeah… that’s going to go well for Indiana.  The spread is Celtics -13. I’m going to say they cover that one pretty easy.

Globe:  Pacers proved no pushover |  Souza:  Celtics need tech support |  Patriot Ledger:  C’s remembrer early loss |  Enterprise News:  Battie witness to Pierce’s heaven and hell |  Real Clear Sports:  Lakers #1 in composite rankings, Celtics 2 (note: rankings released before last night’s Lakers loss)  |  Daily Herald:  Giddens sees chance to prove his worth (via CelticsBlog)McGrady out 3 weeks | WNBA’s Houston Comets fold


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