Fastest Trip-Dub Ever??

Someone made this comment on Rajon Rondo’s blog.  It came from a user called Fitzy 1522.

Rajon! Congratulations on recording THE FASTEST triple double ever in NBA history!!! That’s pretty awesome…you did it in a little under 24:40 of playing time, blowing away Marcus Camby’s record of 26:20!!!

I have ZERO clue if this is true or not.  But I’m going to assume it is.

As for Rondo’s reaction to his triple double:

Man…tonight was a great night! We got the W, played great team ball, and I got my first triple-double. I’m not the type of player that focuses on my own stats, so I didn’t even know what I had until I sat down in the 4th. I was really focused on being aggressive tonight. Ray had a great night tonight, so I just kept feeding him the ball. I really just wanted to make plays and get people the ball-the stats just came. Overall, I felt good out there. My lip got busted up a little, but I’m fine.

There is a big debate over where Rajon Rondo ranks among young NBA point guards in Chuck’s morning update.  But Papa Irish came up with the best point that no one is considering in the rankings:  Rondo’s defense.

Guys like Chris Paul and Deron Williams… even Derrick Rose and Devin Harris… are much better offensively than Rondo right now.  But NONE of them are close to him on D.  I’ll put it this way:  Those guys don’t usually have good games against Rondo (with the exception of maybe Williams, who can out-muscle him a little)… but he can still impose his will against them.  And I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve seen Rondo torch Chris Paul badly in the past… and we’ll see it again.  CP3 is awesome… and I’ll say he’s the best PG in the league… but Rondo is a special talent that deserves to be in that class.


4 Responses

  1. People are still taking way too much stock in other point gaurds ability to score, yea it looks good in the stat sheet but does it win you games or more importantly championships?

    its not all about how you score points, being a point gaurd is mostly about how you RUN an offense, and right now rondo is right up there with any young point gaurd in running an offense, in fact he might be second to only cp3

  2. I seem to recall Jason Kidd getting one before halftime about 2 yrs ago but may be wrong….

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  4. Al you are incorrect research your info before you throw it on here

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