“I Just Call It Like I See It, Dog”

kgtalkingThat’s what KG said after last night’s game when he said he felt like there were 3 Rondo’s out there.  It’s a philosophy that applies to everything, apparently, as FanHouse points out:

Last week, Edwards keyed us to Garnett’s outside opinion on the status of Chris Bosh’s mind, in which KG suggested Bosh looks frustrated and may have to look elsewhere when free agency arrives.

Garnett took a different tact with Warrior forward Corey Maggette, according to SI.com’s Chris Mannix.

Maggette’s selfish play hasn’t gone unnoticed by other players. According to sources, after the final buzzer against Boston, Celtics forward Kevin Garnett turned to Maggette and shouted, “Way to get your numbers.”

He calls ’em as he sees ’em.

Also out there:  ESPN The Magazine gets to the Celtics portion of its 2008 retrospective.

And perhaps the most disturbing development today…

I… agree… with Dan Shaughnessy.

There was always doubt last season. The Celtics scorched NBA America for the six-month regular season, winning 66 games and vaulting into the playoffs with momentum and star power.

But we didn’t know how good they were until they passed those tournament tests. The Celtics couldn’t win on the road in the first two rounds of the playoffs. They could have lost Game 7 against Cleveland. They lost a home playoff game against the Pistons. Then they were consensus underdogs against the Lakers.

But they dug in and won the championship with relative ease. In case you forgot, they demolished the Lakers, 131-92, in the final game.

Now there is no doubt. It’s as if they’re telling the rest of the NBA, “You had your chance. The window is closed. Now we know we are the best and nothing can stop us from winning again.”

Well… I’m fully on board with Shank.  Now what?  My world has turned upside down.  It’s like that one time in college when the girl I took home woke up the next morning with 5 o’clock shadow and an adam’s apple.  I was once so sure of something… now I feel confused and dirty.


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  1. You need a Crying Game shower immediately

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