This Just In: Rondo Is Good

Wow. Not much more I can add to the Rondo lovefest taking place in Celtics nation. I had the fortune of witnessing the triple-double in person last night and I echo the sentiments of KG – it felt like there were three Rondo’s on the court.

However, being the cynical one around here, I must point out that the national media and bloggers still don’t understand how good Rondo is. Take the’s ranking of the top young point guards. Rondo is 6th, behind Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Devin Harris and Mo Williams. Yes – Mo Williams.

Rondo should be second. Period. He leads everyone but Paul in assists, steals and rebounds.

KG and Rondo got most of the attention in last night’s win – but in my opinion, the real star was Ray Allen. Seemed like half of Rondo’s assists came on Allen jumpers. And with Paul Pierce shooting like he was either hungover or exhausted from tending to his baby girl the previous night, Ray kept the offense humming with his shooting.

And Marc Spears has a great story of how Ray helped a buddy of his who was caught up in that terror attack in India:

Worried that Jones could be targeted because he was an American, Allen also told his friend that if a terrorist asked for his passport to say he didn’t have it and that he was Jamaican.

“When I called him, I was telling him everything I heard on TV,” Allen said yesterday. “[Jones learned] about the hotel being on fire and I told him that there was police outside. I told him, ‘This is what is happening. From what they are saying, there are still terrorists running around shooting people and throwing grenades. You need to hide and don’t open the door if someone knocks on it.’

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21 Responses

  1. Indiana just got Rondo’d

  2. Ranking him second is ridiculous Chuck…

    Look I love Rondo more than anyone, but to say he is better than Deron Williams is absurd…. and saying he is better than Harris is also highly debatable, and probably ridiculous.

  3. Sorry Tim, Deron has done jack shit this year…injured or not.

    And Harris is scoring points on a bad team…while Rondo is passing, rebounding and defending on a contender…all the traits I want in my point guard.

  4. Hard argument to make either way Tim, unless you have League Pass and you watch Williams and Paul every night and can make an informed comparison.

    I personally will take Rondo over Williams because he has more boards, more steals and an equal number of points per game. But the kicker is Rajon is the floor general of a 18-2 team coming off a championship, whereas Williams is leading a middle-of-the-pack team playing .600 ball in a shitty conference. The real reason Rondo won’t win a rankings game like this is his subpar jumper.

    Donny Marshall said it last night that Rondo is not a scoring guard, he’s a playmaking guard. Comparing him to guys who look for their shot first or second isn’t a fair comparison.

  5. Williams was an elite PG last year, and an injury-plagued start to this year shouldn’t wipe that out. I’d probably take Williams over Rondo right now, but it sure looks like Rondo’s ceiling is a lot higher. But aside from Paul, Williams, and Nash, I don’t think there’s a PG I’d rather have for one game than Ragin’ Rondo.

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  7. Rajon Rondo is a very good player with tremendous upside who happens to be in the perfect situation. However, as someone who has worked in the scout department of two NBA teams, I can say there is not a single GM in the league that would take Rondo over Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Steve Nash (age not being a factor). And the Nets would not make the trade straight up for Devin Harris because Rondo’s value drops significantly without the players he has around him. he’ll have a couple of all-star years maybe, an above-average starter in the league most definitely.

  8. As the maker of the list that the author referenced, I do think there is an argument that Rondo is at this point better than Mo Williams. I watched a number of Bucks games last season and I think Mo is an offensive force, both in scoring and sharing the ball. His main problem is his defense, which is an area that Rondo excels in.

    I don’t think there are too many GMs in the league that would take Rondo over the top four guys on that list — Paul, D. Williams, Rose or Harris. Sure, Deron is having a rough start to the season, but he’s coming back from an injury. He was 2nd Team All-NBA last season.

    Rose looks like a phenom and Harris is absolutely blowing up this season.

  9. Thanks John for chiming in…we appreciate the insight.

  10. Chuck, seriously, if you want any credibility as a blogger, you cannot makes statements like Rajon Rondo is better than Deron Williams.

  11. I’d like to point out that Rondo’s game is much different than every one of these other guys. Paul is all-everything… so he’s a tough comparison. But all of these other guys are scorers first. So it’s a hard comparison to make because Rondo doesn’t even have to try some of the things these other guys do.

    So to go back to the post from a couple of days ago.. where I agree with Tanguay that Rondo is the best pure assist man in the NBA…. Rondo is doing it with everyone knowing he’s, at best, option #4. Every other guy on this list is no lower than option #2 offensively. Don’t discount how much their scoring forces opponents to respect their shot… opening up passing lanes.

    Rondo is forcing the issue… and getting options 1, 2, and 3 the ball where they can score. His game is MUCH different… which makes the way he gets his assists much different.

    So with all that said… I’m putting Rondo at 3… but very close to Derron Williams. BUT… I wouldn’t trade Rondo for any of these guys except for Paul… because I’d rather have Rondo’s style of play for this team.

  12. What makes rondo so good is that when he is playing all of these guys on the list he is able to nuetralize what they do because he is that good defensively

    with the exception of maybe deron because he can chauncey him with his strength

    with the exceotion of Derron, NONE of these guys play against rondo well

  13. that’s very true.. and an excellent point.

    We all are guilty of looking at the offense… but Rondo is just as strong defensively. None of those guy can touch Rondo defensively. That has to count for something.

    That might be fodder for a post.

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  15. You guys are being ridiculous.

    Deron Williams averaged 19 ppg and 10.5 apg last year, shooting 50% from the field, and 40% from three. Not to mention he took a team with very little talent to 54 wins and a division title….

    I love Rajon Rondo… but if you put Williams on the C’s, we are a better team…. can you imagine if other teams had to actually come out and guard our point guard at the three point line?

    You guys are taking four or five great games from Rondo, and calling him the second best point guard in the league. I think he’s a great fit for the C’s, and probably a top 6 point guard in the league (behind Williams, Paul, Nash, Parker, Harris)… but let’s not go overboard guys.

  16. I love what Harris is doing… but Rondo’s been doing what he’s been doing for longer. The “4 or 5 games” argument applies to Harris more than it applies to Rondo.

    And this list was top “young” PG. I’d put Nash and Parker ahead of Rondo too. However, as far as the “young” guys go… I’m still putting Rondo ahead of Harris and Derrick Rose right now. Rose seems special… but his career is 15 games old. We can’t elevate him that quickly.

  17. The two most important assets Rondo has right now are defense and championships. Those two things elevate him from the get-go.

  18. Best PG in the league is a toss up between cp3 and nash with chris probably winning, but as for third best pg my vote goes to chauncey, he runs an offense as good as anyone in the league, he is the reason the pistons were so good for all those years, and why rip hamilton looks like quenton richardson instead of reggie miller now

    being a point gaurd is not all about scoring and flashy assists, its about the whole body of work, offensive ability, the way he runs an offense, defensive ability, his presence etc etc, that is why anyone ranking the best young pg’s has to seriously consider rondo as #2 in place of all 2cd team nba derron williams

  19. Tim not sure you are aware but their is more to the game then scoring–like defense.

  20. Say whatever you want about Rondo – but DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR he is the BEST VALUE on that list hands down. Christ, Bibby and Telfair make more than him.

    PS: He’s better defensively than D.Will or CP3.

  21. Nora…. clearly you don’t watch much NBA ball outside of the Celtics, but do you even watch Celtics games? Because if Rondo’s defense was so great, why did Williams score 32 on him last year when the Jazz came to Boston and beat the C’s.

    Look, I love Rajon Rondo…. I like his style of play more than any other point guard in the league… but I’m just not going to let people get away with saying he is better than Deron Williams. Its not like Williams is a poor defender… he’s well above average as he has one of the rarest combinations of size and quickness of any guard in the league. He makes a team with Matt Harpring, CJ Miles, 8 other stiffs and Carloz Boozer a title contender.

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