You Gotta Spend Money To Make Money

It’s the oldest cliche in business… but so many people forget it.

They’re the people that fail.

If you spend your money on the right things, the return will be huge.  It’s why the Celtics are the Champs… and why Wyc Grousbeck is the 6th best owner (according to Forbes in a ranking based on financial performance) in the NBA.

Take a look around the league and think about the teams that stay away from the luxury tax at all costs.  Think about where the Celtics were when they were one of those teams… and where they are now.  It’s not about throwing your money away.  It’s about taking a calculated risk to spend more up front… knowing you’ll reap the rewards long-term.

Smart businessmen know this.  Wyc knows this.  Bazillionaires know this.  Cost conscious is great… so long as it’s not a buzzword for “cheap.”  The Celtics spent on KG and Ray… and they only saw a 14% boost in team value in their championship season.  Since buying the team, Wyc and co. have seen a 53.6% jump in revenue.  Imagine what kind of money he’d be raking in if he owned the arena?

This isn’t about being Marc Cuban.  This is about spending money when you have to.  It’s also about hiring the right people.  Danny Ainge has done a pretty damn good job brining this team together.  It’s probably why Wyc gave him a promotion .

Other late notes:  Don’t expect Tony Allen tomorrow night.  Also in that link… the continued work on Patrick O’Bryant… and why I still love Leon Powe.

Rajon Rondo continues his charity work.

The news on Rodney Rogers isn’t good.

Is Al Jefferson a bully who doesn’t pay debts?

And because everyone seem to love Chuck’s cheerleader picks, I figure I’ll follow suit.  But I’m going to stay with our own girls.  Celtics Dancers pics, after the jump.

All photos courtesy Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty.  Go to for the full 13 picture gallery.


4 Responses

  1. Hey the link about tony allen goes to Forbes just a heads up? i think,, could be the booze though

  2. no…. not the booze. The link is fixed.


  3. Wow that’s real sad news about Rodney Rodgers…… thoughts and prayers go out to him.

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