Because Big Baby Cares

Glen Davis is one goofy bastard. Guys like him help keep a team loose. But after watching his emotional outburst last night, you also have to say – he takes this game seriously.

I’m not going to get on his case for letting some tears flow after KG ripped apart the entire second unit for letting Portland back into the game in 4th quarter. Davis will learn from this. How can he not with Garnett as a teammate?

“I’ll probably get real deep with him,” Garnett said. “Try to understand what he’s going through right now, research the problem. But Baby is frustrated a little bit with some of what we are doing. He just has to understand his role and not come outside of it.”

In other news, Tony Allen is doubtful for Sunday’s game in Indiana. A peek at the upcoming schedule reveals the PoZ and the Hornets visit Boston on Fri, Dec 12 (James will get his ring that night) and Utah is here on Mon, Dec 15. Two wins should cement our status as the best team in the league.

FWIW: Rondo is averaging 14.1 points and 8.8 assists in the Celtics’ last 10 games.

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6 Responses

  1. He’s an emotional guy…. and I’m sure Kevin wasn’t exactly tactful in that huddle. But that’s good. That will toughen him up a little.

    The problem with this… and the people having the complete wrong reaction to this… is that we won’t see KG’s follow up. We won’t see them talking in the locker room… at practice… or at someone’s house. THAT’S where the real progress will be made… where KG can lower his game-time emotions a bit to actually talk to Baby.

  2. KG is a great influence on this guy. I think pulling him over ot the huddle was great. We need leaders like that. Thank GOD we don’t hvae people like Cadbury or Stephen Jackass on our team. Sorry Big Baby-that’s just KG being KG…

  3. KG is intense, man. Pity that Baby took it hard, but that’s the way it goes. This team is on a mission. They want to obliterate the league and leave their stamp on history, and they have neither the time nor the inclination to accept the pedantic histrionics of one Glen Davis.

  4. Was Davis having issues with his role in the game or his role on the team?

    And yeah, I’m sorry he took it so hard, but it’s part of becoming a professional… getting dressed down by KG has gotta be pretty brutal.

    I’m glad KG has the presence of mind to know he’s got to follow up and make things right. Not to say he didn’t address it correctly in the moment, but that can’t be the only thing Davis hears.

    It did surprise me, quite frankly, given how close-knit the guys are and how generally everyone’s really clear on their role.

  5. I think this has been happening since day 1. Remember that preseason game where Doc took a very public shot at Baby? I think he’s struggling a little bit… and there were definitely some defensive lapses on his part last night. But it isn’t just a game thing… it’s about him trying to figure out what kind of player he is… and how he fits on this team as he grows. That can be tough.

  6. […] Not Embarrassed” The internet is agog over Big Baby’s emotional outburst (ok, he cried) during the Portland game.  Some have called it embarrassing… but not Big Baby. “I’m not […]

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