Remember… We’re Pacquiao Fans

Over the summer, it was revealed that Manny Pacquiao… who many call the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now… is a huge Celtics fan.  That video is him in Vegas, partying with the freshly crowned NBA champions after destroying David Diaz.

Tonight, Pac-man takes on Oscar De La Hoya, who might be a transvestite (warning, maybe NSFW.  May also be nauseating.  These too).

So we’re pulling for Pacquiao.  I’m going to assume the team is sitting at someone’s home theater right now getting ready to take in the fight.  Or maybe they’re doing other rich-guy things.  How the hell should I know?


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for this, sirs. As most of us in the Philippines knows, Manila is a huge Celtic city. In our place we are only cheering for two teams. The Celtics and whoever the Fakers plays.

    I bleed GREEN!

  2. And we love the Philippines! You’re still the #1 country outside the US to visit Red’s Army!!

    I hope that gets us a discount when we visit

  3. Pacquiao just killed De La Hoya!!!

  4. Just like what they did to the Celtics, ESPN predicted Oscar to win. And Hopkins predicted a 7 round KO for de la Hoya. Hooray for the underdog! Mabuhay ka Manny!

  5. The commentator on the video is a laker fan and a celtic hater.

    In the HBO 24/7 Special They featured manny training with a celtics shirt. And Dela hoya having a Statue in stapes alongside magic johnson. Seems like Oscar is a laker fan.

  6. Even better!

  7. I like how PinoyCeltic is talking for everyone in Manila. laugh.

  8. I am sure PinoyCeltic realizes that any fans of the Laker’s are not true basketball fans, but fans of the glitz and celebrity of Hollywood which the Fakers (eg, fake breats) stand for.

    Real Pinoys that know basketball are Celtic fans, Basketball and boxing are HUGE over there

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