The Talking Is Still An Issue

Photos by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photos by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

It might be because teams are sick of hearing about how their asses are getting kicked while said ass-kicking is in progress.  It might also be the refs sick of hearing how every call they make is wrong.  All I know is all the talking the Celtics are doing on the court is about to catch up with them.

“There have been teams that have talked a lot of (expletive), but usually those are the bad teams,” he said. “And this is different from the stuff Larry (Bird) used to do. This is overt trash talking, and really I think they can take that stuff too far sometimes. Forget about the fact it doesn’t look good from the defending champions, I think it takes away from them.”

We know about Perk and his techs.  And we all know that you can’t look at any close-ups of Kevin Garnett without seeing some m-f bomb’s.  And while we chalk up KG’s outbursts as raw emotion… the perception outside of Celtics-nation is growing increasingly negative.  The Cobra thing he does is seen by some as showing up the other team.  KG is seen as always picking on the little guards, like when he followed Jose Calderon up the floor.

I know what happens when you try to calm KG down and have in scale back on his in-game emotion:  He withers.  He slows down and loses any aggressiveness he might have that night.  KG’s emotion really is like Sampson’s hair… cut it and he’s finished.  I don’t know how you keep that emotion from biting you in the ass later… but I’d hate to see something stupid… like a key player getting tossed in the playoffs… because of this.

Also still an issue, apparently, is the play of Brian Scalabrine.  I don’t know why.  I think he’s been exactly what he’s supposed to be this year.  I think if his name was anything else, we wouldn’t be talking about it.  But the people who have thought he sucks from day one still get on his case.  The thing is… he doesn’t suck.  He’s limited, yes.  But he doesn’t suck.  He’s even got a fan club.

And I’d like to thank the Worcester Telegram for freaking me  the hell out this morning by publishing something that looks remarkably like an obituary for Bob Cousy.  Especially when all you seen in your Google Reader is his full name with Bob in quotes.  Thankfully… he’s still alive.

Finally:  Happy Birthday Larry Bird.

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After the jump, a bunch of photos from Celtics fan Manny Pacquiao’s demolition of Oscar De La Hoya.


12 Responses

  1. The Cobra stays. End of story.

  2. Chuck just a heads up Cowboys are going to whipp the steelers…………………. go Cowboys

  3. I’m with ya I bleed green. The Cobra should stay.

  4. fuck the lakers, the fakers, and the flakers. Fuck jose calderon, and all those bitches. We have a swagger, and we kick ass, and because of that everyone hates us. Well as long as they keep hatin’ we will keep talkin’ and winnin’, i agree that the cobra must stay

  5. Who care what other team percieve it as. I percieve it as nothing but sour grapes because they can’t handle it.

  6. Anyone else think this is like crying to your mommy?

    ‘Mommy, they are picking on me. Wah wah wah’

  7. Also how about giving other teams techinicals for excessive whining about trash talking. Every team does it.

  8. Jester is a Cowboys fan? He’s banned.

    Tony Romo meet DeShea Townsend….HA!

  9. Who the f* cares what those nimrods thinks? The Celts hates losing more than love winning. That’s heart, baby.
    The Celtics are winners. While others (specially faker trolls) whine, C’s are busy winning… Hey..all of those s-heads can die of envy.

    Anyhoo, congrats to Celtics die-hard Pacman for beating the LA-kid Oscar.

  10. Really – the only part of it that I care about is Perk’s techs. and only because he’s having a monster year, and we dont’ need him in suspension trouble over it.

    The NBA without trash talk would be like porn without the money shot.

  11. Nobody called out KGs talk and emotion when he was in Minnesota. It’s only because the Celts are unbeatable that the haters are gonna hate.

    And Roy was talking mad smack to Pierce the other night. Bad idea, Mr. Roy. Baaaaaaad idea…

  12. the media’s jus mad that the c’s are making them look like complete idiots for picking the lakers……..again

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