Baron Davis Might Be A Total Idiot


Baron Davis has made about $80 million over his career so far.  He’ll make another $62 million or so over the 5 year contract he signed with the Clippers.

So why on earth would a man who will have earned at least $142 million over his career… do something like purposely get fat (fatter?) to make $250,000 from Jenny Craig?

The Clippers’ Baron Davis is getting paid $250,000 for endorsing a weight-reduction drink. The Clippers privately say that the weight Davis gained to do the endorsement accounted for his slow start. Having signed him to a five-year deal with $62.5 million guaranteed, you can see how they’re not very thrilled by that.

Is Davis a moron?  Is he a complete a-hole?  To purposely get fat for that little money… it’s mind boggling.

(Via Slam Online)

It’s official:  Minnesota has fired Randy Wittman and replaced him with Kevin McHale.  This is actually a demotion for Kevin… because he’s stepping down from his vice president of basketball operations job.  Tick tock, Kevin… tick tock.


11 Responses

  1. “that little money” = $250,000

    Hey, I’d take that deal in a heart beat…
    I get your point though… I’d be irrate if I were a Clippers fan…. but then again there are no Clippers fans so it all works out.

  2. “that little money” = $250,000

    I’d sell posion to babies, Gain weight and lose it no sweat that a lot of chedder

  3. Obviously I was speaking in terms relative to Baron… not to us normal people. Hell, I’ve already started getting fat just in case.

  4. Nice to see the Photo shop skills are still fresh….All though KG yelling at Big Baby in a league of there own would have been solid “There is no crying in Basketball!!!!!”

  5. Why wouldnt they just give Big Baby $25,000 to do it?

  6. Or give Marbury a million to do it? He would be able to gain 50 pounds since he doesnt play.

  7. This is not a good decision on Barons part, i got word that this is not the 1st time theyve tried this sneaky ploy to have an NBA player purposely gain weight just to lose it all quickly. Other instances where this scam went bad? Antoine Walker, Shaquille O’Neal, Shawn Kemp, and the latest victim… mr brian scalabrine, tragic absolutely tragic

  8. Papa Irish – You are mistaken about Shawn Kemp. His endorsment deal came not from Jenny Craig, but rather from Trojan Condoms.

    You see Trojan paid Kemp 500,000 to father 16 children with 16 different women, and then announce that he has decided to use the Trojan brand from now on and will stop having illegitimate children. Brilliant scheme.

  9. Why do you people believe this bull??? Do you believe that tabloid crap too?

  10. Did Travis Henry get a similar deal to Shawn Kemp’s?

  11. Take it from an old sonic fan, if you saw some of Kemp’s baby momma’s, you would know that it was Jose Cuervo sponsoring him.

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