Collision Course


So here we are.

A combined 37 and 4.

We all expected that the Celtics  and the Lakers would meet up again in the Finals.  But we didn’t expect both teams to announce it so early by matching their best starts ever.  (I know I didn’t)

Back in the 60’s, the Celtics and Lakers began their rivalry.  20 years later, in the 80’s. we renewed it.  Now, 20 years later again… the cycle brings us back onto a collision course.  I know the fans of Cleveland might disagree, but this league is all about the Celtics and Lakers right now… an nobody else.

In 17 days (one day for each of our championships) we’ll do it again.  And you almost wonder if either team will lose between now and then.

Herald:  Ray Allen, Celtics on markJim O’Brien has few regretsLakers go 17-2 |  Globe:  Celts take a shot at record startCeltics have will and Ray |  OC Register:  Celtics remain must-see TV for Lakers |  Mum’s the word in Beantown |  ESPN Daily Dime:  Allen regains legendary shooting touch


6 Responses

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  2. Cannot wait.

  3. Santa will be good to us this year…

  4. 12/25/08
    5:00PM EST/2:00PM PST

  5. And just like 20 years ago, there was a young phenom waiting to break out. Someone who has risen to the top of the league individually but will soon carry others with him. Until then…we bask in the greatness that is the Boston Celtics and hope that we are now living the new Celtics dynasty.

  6. Being a loyal Laker fan I’ll always cheer for them…….Celtics may top the charts but what I feel that Lakers can also beat them if they want….there is not huge difference between both of them……if Lakers comes to their drastic play then its not difficult for them to win the game for sure……. buck up lakers…………

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