Order Now, Wear It On Christmas

It’s obvious that there might as well be one game on the schedule for us this month (for us… the Celtics need to focus on everyone).  So with that in mind, I encourage everyone to order our “Losers” shirt now so you have it in time for the Christmas Day game.  It’s also makes a perfect gift that the Celtics fan in your life can enjoy right away.  Click on the shirt to buy it.

We also have other stuff, so check out our whole store to see what else is available.

Herald:  No gliding for CelticsJump start |  Globe:  History on the horizon |  SI:  This time, McHale is on the clock C’s top power rankings Wade drops 41 on ‘cats


8 Responses

  1. The SI people got it right by putting the Celts at the top of the list. John Hollinger, on the other hand, still has to figure his shit out, like telling the difference between his ass and his elbow. His top six rankings haven’t changed over the previous week. Coincidence? I think not.

    I said a while back that New Orleans on Friday could be a tough game, given that the Celtics will be coming off a back-to-back and the series was split last season. But if they can beat the Hornets and then beat Utah in the following game, I’m not sure when they’ll lose next. How long could they go?

    This team is so strong right now that there is no team that is top to bottom better. Only a handful of teams are cause for concern–Cleveland, LA, Houston. The only way the Celtics lose games this year is if they don’t bring their A game on a given night. That’s how their only two losses have come so far this year. But if they keep bringing the intensity and focus, they’ll just keep steamrolling teams.

    I keep dropping subtle hints that I want a Losers shirt for xmas. I hope it happens!

  2. Nice Bill. Keep dropping those hints.

    Houston doesn’t concern me at all. Cleveland sorta does. But like I’ve said before… it’s LA and Boston… and everyone else right now.

    I’ve said it before… and I’ll say it again… Hollinger’s numbers aren’t without their flaws. I think the C’s are caught up in one of those flaws.

  3. Lakers-Cavs 2009 finals…C’s won’t get past Atlanta this year…enjoy your t-shirts.

    By the way…Barstoolssports costume hottie winner…wow…nice choice Bostonians…at least your good for something…

  4. Ahh was Loser fan offended by the t-shirt and trying their best to insult the C’s who completely embarrassed the Losers in the finals? Sorry I know the truth hurts.

  5. Wait a second, is that a HAWKS fan posting on this site? Really? It must be the douchebag who was wearing his brand new Hawks jersey over his collared shirt they kept showing during the playoffs last year.

  6. […] which way but loose ESPN Stein’s rankings:  Celtics undisputed number 1 Red’s Army Order it now, wear it on Christmas Perkisabeast New Beastwear in time for your holiday shopping Monday rumor mill Indy Cornrows […]

  7. Fakers must have been copyrighted.

  8. Copyright? what’s that?


    The only words I recognize are cease and desist.

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