The Rondo-All Star Discussion Heats Up

Look… you guys know full well how we feel around here.  Now SI is debating the issue of which Eastern PG should make the All Star game.

Ian Thomsen: New Jersey’s Devin Harris. Not only is he putting up All-Star numbers far beyond expectations, but also his leadership has turned the Nets into an early 11-8 playoff contender. This is a team that was expected (by me, at least) to finish last in the conference. Right now, I’d list the three All-Star point guards in the East as Harris, Chicago’s Derrick Rose and Boston’s Rajon Rondo, with Toronto’s Jose Calderon marginalized (despite his excellent numbers) because his team is underperforming.

Jack McCallum: Let me get all the grizzled vets mad at me right away: The Bulls’ Rose is the best point guard in the East. Right now! Next comes the only guy with a ring, Rondo.

That’s 2 votes for Rondo.   We still need more

(Via CelticsBlog)


2 Responses

  1. What makes me angry is that the same people who said that Rondo wasn’t good enough for the Celtics last year are now saying that the only reason Rondo is any good is because he plays with the Big 3. I have a feeling that Rondo will never get the respect he deserves in the end. You have to watch him every night to see how great he is, but most people just look at his season stats and scoff.

  2. Rondo is the best homosexual player in the league…that should count for something…

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