They Call It Taunting… I Call It “Cobra”

You can see it… quickly… at the free throw line. KG crawling on all fours again in the Blazers game.


16 Responses

  1. I guess slamming both hands on the ground while playing defense, as taught in high school ball, is taunting too….

    Lets also give techs to people who dunk too. Thats taunting… why not just lay it up?

  2. who is calling it taunting?

  3. Fans of other teams. We’ve gotten some traffic from other message boards linking to past stories on the Cobra. They don’t like it.

  4. who is calling it taunting?
    Mizzle – December 9, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    bitches who lose.

  5. They amount of whining about this from other teams you think KG tried to choke someone. Geesh.

  6. I don’t see it as taunting, but I didn’t see the Mutumbo finger wag as taunting either. I guess the league will deal with it-technicals, fines, etc.

    But he could always say he just fell to all fours? And accidently started barking at the opponent?

  7. Why are you arguing if it is taunting? It is obviously taunting, whether or not it is punishable taunting is debatable. I think the thing people are peeved over is that he goes after point guards. I don’t she him pulling that crap on Bosh or Aldridge.

  8. Why are people pissed that a 7 footer is dropping to all fours against a PG. If those PG’s are any goddamned good… just run by him.

  9. If I’m not mistaken didn’t we first see the Cobra against Aldridge and the Blazers last year.

  10. I thought it was against the hornets and david west, who scored on the play…Either way, I dont think its taunting. I dont even think it has anything to do with the other team. Its KG pumping himself and his team up, which is what he does best.

  11. what a sack of shit

  12. @josegomez, “obviously taunting”? not obvious to me. it’s his super-d-crouch. maybe clapping one’s hands together is taunting. perhaps when he blocks the shot after the whistle it’s taunting. or it could be that jumping up and down before the play starts is taunting. what a load of crap.

  13. People that bitch because Garnett challenges point guards while they take the ball up court have to be out of their fucking minds.

    If you’re a PG in the NBA and you can’t get by a 6-11 power forward while taking the ball up court, your team has issues you need to address.

  14. I’m pretty sure he’s doing it for me personally, as I FUCKIN’ LOVE THE COBRA.

  15. I don’t know why you’d want to watch the NBA if everybody just acted like Tim Duncan out there. No emotion, just robotic excellence. That doesn’t sound like much fun. Last time I checked, basketball is watched for entertainment. Al Horford taunting the C’s in the playoffs last year made that game more fun (and we were on the receiving end). I’d love for someone to continually taunt KG all game and see how it turned out.

    Basketball : Trash Talking as Bread : Butter

  16. Most of the time when KG does this the opponant easily gets by him because he is on the floor. If I was the other team or their fans. I would say thank you for the free points!

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