Perk & Rondo vs the Best

We all know that Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins have improved their play this season. But it’s tough for the kids to get any attention playing with three future Hall of Famers. The fine folks at Comcast SportsNet did some research (I still don’t know what that word means) and examined how Perk and Rondo stack up against some other notable players:

Kendrick Perkins has:

– More points than Samuel Dalembert

– More rebounds than Rasheed Wallace

– More blocks than Emeka Okafor

– Better FG% than Pau Gasol

Rajon Rondo has:

– More points than Jason Kidd

– More rebounds than Dwyane Wade

– More assists than Chauncey Billups

– Better FG% than Yao Ming

– Fewer turnovers than Chris Paul

– More steals than Allen Iverson

Not bad, huh? If the Celtics beat the Wizards (who beat Detroit last night) tomorrow night, they will own the best start in franchise history. Doc Rivers says he really doesn’t care and is more concerned about a strong finish.

The mighty Lakers lost to the Kings last night. That vaunted Lakers defense is now giving up 97 ppg, good for 13th in the league.

After the jump, some pictures of hot cheerleaders the guys spreading some holiday cheer to kids at Boston Medical Center. Yes, I actually have a heart.



3 Responses

  1. All I know is that these two are going to be making some serious cash.

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  3. It is funny seeing a picture of KP next to Rondo. Just the contrast of the height and weight of the 2. LOL

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