Chris Webber really likes Rajon Rondo.

Best part of this video:  he yells it 2 inches from Gary Payton’s nose.  Of course, the Glove has shown no love for Rondo… insinuating he’s lucky to be on the team and benefit from everyone else.




9 Responses

  1. I thought Tyra Banks was the only one who could make C-Web holla like that.

  2. Best move C-Webb has made in years. Remember to vote for Rajon daily. I have this crazy dream we’ll be able to lock him up long term because the big 3 will take reasonable pay cuts so Danny can make it happen. Plus, they love playing with him so its very possible.

  3. C-Web just went up several notches in the respect department. And BigMck… the Tyra line was fantastic. Wish I’d thought of it!

  4. Right after this, Webber explained why he picked Rondo. Then they showed a quote from Perk explaining how Rondo has really picked up his game since Payton criticized him. Payton responded by saying that he’s glad Rondo is succeeding and hopes he keeps getting better. Then he and C-Webb talked about how when they were young, former players always used to dig on them and challenge them on television. They used it as motivation and they hope he does too.

    Payton is a jerk but he doesn’t seem to dislike Rondo the way he made it look when he first made his comments.

  5. I agree with Webber but those three guys are painful to watch no chemistry and just morans. V-F-RONDO!!!

  6. Aingelives, anyone but Fred Carter…anyone.

    I get dumber listening to him talk. Talk about bludgeoning you over the head with the obvious…ughh is he painful.

  7. the suns got j rich from the bobcats for diaw and raja bell, great trade for them right now but the funny thing is j rich right now is a poor mans joe johnson, and they traded joe johnson for Diaw, the drafts rights to a pick they didnt keep where they couldve taken luol deng or andre iguidala, and the drafts rights to one mr. Rajon Rondo who they traded to the c’s

    I think in looking at the big picture the suns got fleeced

  8. He’s got quite the voice! Maybe he can replace the idiots that just blab and blab and blab on and on and on on ESPN nowadays.

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