Little All-Star Love for the Celtics

Paris Hilton wants you to vote for Rondo.

The NBA has released the current voting tally for the All-Star game, and the results are not pretty for Celtics fans.

Forwards: LeBron James (Clev) 643,786; Kevin Garnett (Bos) 495,514; Yi Jianlian (NJ) 356,556; Chris Bosh (Tor) 274,195; Paul Pierce (Bos) 153,512; Shawn Marion (Mia) 144,066; Josh Smith (Atl) 59,574; Tayshaun Prince (Det) 56,846; Hedo Turkoglu (Orl) 56,006; Danny Granger (Ind) 49,752; Michael Beasley (Mia) 48,999.

Guards: Dwyane Wade (Mia) 623,311; Allen Iverson (Det) 492,093; Vince Carter (NJ) 236,634; Ray Allen (Bos) 174,155; Jose Calderon (Tor) 124,705; Luke Ridnour (Mil) 123,104; Jameer Nelson (Orl) 116,228; Derrick Rose (Chi) 102,263; Joe Johnson (Atl) 94,847; Devin Harris (NJ) 94, 294; Gilbert Arenas (Wash) 64,450.

Centers: Dwight Howard (Orl) 775;933; Samuel Dalembert (Phi) 116,708; Rasheed Wallace (Det) 88,885; Jermaine O’Neal (Tor) 75,324; Al Horford (Atl) 45,284; Ben Wallace (Clev) 40,799; Andrew Bogut (Mil) 36,479; Zyrdrunas Ilgauskas (Clev) 28,022; Kendrick Perkins (Bos) 24,777; Emeka Okafor (Char) 15,323.

Stop looking for Rondo’s name. He didn’t make the top 10. The 123,104 people who voted for Luke Ridnour should never be allowed to watch an NBA game again.* The Chinese are clearly under government order to stuff the ballot boxes for Yi Jianlian.

And who are the idiots voting for Allen Iverson? The biggest crime may be that Chris Bosh has 120,00 more votes than Paul Pierce. Did anybody watch the Finals? Holy crap…NBA fans are dumb.

A giant Thank You to Jess Camerato for the tip….

*Editor’s Note:  In a previous version of this post, I referred to Ridnour and Yi as teammates. This is not the case. I am a moron.


15 Responses

  1. LeBron, Garnett, Wade, Joe Johnson and Howard are my “no-bias” starting 5.

    But the Celts should have the set up that Detroit had a couple years back where even though none of their guys had individual numbers worthy of an all-star vote, 4 of the starting 5 (rip, chauncey, tayshoun and rasheed) all went to the show. Hell, Ben wallace might’ve gone too. That was the apex of the steroid era…

  2. Um, Yi Jianlian is a Net so Ridnour makes even less sense. Glad to see Agent Zero is still wowing the fans as well.

  3. yeah, vince carter too. Has a dunk championship ever propelled someone to greater stardom than Vince? Granted, that was the nastiest dunk performance i’ve ever seen but Vince is pretty much a loser and has been his whole life. He’s got game but he’s never come close to winning anything and his name is all backed from the Dunk contest. Not worthy of an All-Star vote or any elite NBA status.

  4. I don’t know what fucking part of Vote Rondo people don’t understand.

    I guess we’ll have to kick it up a notch

  5. Jesus H. Fucking Christ that is goddamn bullshit. Looks like a lot of people are gay for Gilbert Arenas, and a bunch of other soft shitty players too. Iverson? Dalembert? Seriously?

    What this suggests to me is that only about 24,777 votes come from true Celtics fans. The other supposed fans are voting for KG and then a bunch of other teams’ players. Third best franchise season record, worst to first, NBA championship…this isn’t good enough for these people?

  6. All-star voting is complete garbage… always has been, always will.

  7. What pisses me off is that Yi Jianlian is 3rd and Pierce is 5th… how many games did Yi won alone this year? And I don’t want to speak of clutchness… and then how about Ridnour, Iverson, Arenas (who didn’t play a single game this season), Kidd, Bowen, Battier, even Bynum, who is above than Jefferson!!!! I’m not gonna watch the ASG this year.

  8. Um, Yi Jianlian is a Net so Ridnour makes even less sense. Glad to see Agent Zero is still wowing the fans as well.
    Josh –

    Thanks Josh. I am an f-ing moron. Maybe I voted for Ridnour by mistake.

  9. Yeah all-star voting in all the sports seems to be vote for the guy who was awesome a few years (or more) ago.

  10. Has gilbert arenas even played this year?

  11. How in the world is Ray allen after AI, who is ruining the Pistons and Vince Carter. Fans that vote for these players are either a fan of the team they are on or just completely clueless about the NBA. I think that certain names should be left off the list so fans can’t have the option to vote in an undeserving player esp the Chinese who will stuff the ballot box for Yi.

  12. How in the fuck does Ridnour have more votes than Rondo?

  13. Fuel for the fire, I say. Let them be disrespected. Let them fly under the radar. Let the morons remain ignorant. Because the other teams in the league know which team is the best, and they know which players are dominating. When it comes down to the end and the green are collecting another obrien trophy then there won’t be any questions and the all star balloting will seem like the silly distraction it really is. True fans and players alike know that when it comes to awards and accolades, the only things that count are rings and banners. This team couldn’t care less about collecting anything else.

  14. Rondo not in the top 10 is what it sounds like when doves cry.

  15. Listen, I’m as big a C’s fan as anyone, but the forward voting doesnt seem that bad to me. I know it doesnt work this way but i like to view the 2 forward spots as 1 PF, 1 SF. If you look at it that way you would be insane to think that Paul Pierce is more deserving than Lebron at SF. With that out of the way I think we are lucking out with KG at the PF spot. Bosh is having a monster year but KG is still deserving for everything he brings to the table (defense, intensity, leadership, etc). So with KG starting at PF its really the best the Celts could hope for.
    As for the guards, Rajon Rondo never stood a chance in the fan voting. Allstar voting has always been and will always be about name recognition (see Iverson, Allen). Rondos most realistic chance is the coaches picks, however, with the Big3 already probably going, hes going to have a tough time getting selected.

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