Something IS Wrong With KG’s Knee

As I pointed out earlier tonight, KG wore a larger sleeve on his right knee during tonight’s blowout win over the Wizards. He appeared gimpy to my eyes, but I thought it had more to do with my paranoia. However Marc Spears also noticed that something was up:

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett doesn’t seem to be moving as smoothly on the floor as normally while wearing a big sleeve on his right knee. Garnett typically wears a black brace that seems a little shorter on the right knee. Celtics PR guru Jeff Twiss, however, insists that its the same knee brace but just a different color. While Garnett definitely doesn’t seem his normal self, he already has a near triple double.

First off all, Jeff Twiss is full of crap. The white sleeve is much larger than the black one. Just look at the pictures I posted earlier. I’m concerned because Garnett’s had 3 days off since the last game. That knee is not right.

As for the game, the Celtics won by 34 (122-to-88) and it could have been much worse. The C’s gave up 35 of those points in the 3rd quarter alone when they got really sloppy. I’m talking John-drunk-on-a-Friday-night sloppy. Fortunately Eddie House started dropping 25-foot bombs from all over the place to prop up the lead.

Box Score | Recap

Oh yeah – this Celtics team now has the best start (21-and-2) to a season in franchise history. Ho-hum….


5 Responses

  1. Hey now, Jeff Twiss is the man. No need to bring him into this haha. Please let KG sit for the rest of December if need be, I don’t know what I would do if he got seriously injured this year.

  2. Doc said it was a bruise nothing else

  3. I heard on Sports Tonight that the Lakers play Celtics games in their locker room where they openly cheer for whatever team plays the Celtics. Kinda reminds me of the Two Minute Hate from 1984.

    The Celtics are pretty good.

  4. Maybe it’s time for a few days off for KG? Its probably tendinitis or something nagging.

  5. […] Wizards a month ago…when they won by 34. (That was the game KG sported the white knee brace. Glad I didn’t overreact to that. […]

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