Somone Needs A Hug From Mommy

Like this guy… who has a mild distaste for the Celtics.


Let me count the ways:

1. Luck- The current roster of the Boston Celtics was assembled by pure luck and no skill by their front office.

And then there’s this

2. Paul Pierce- I hate him. I hate ‘the truth’ so much. He’s not a superstar. I don’t care what the analysts say. He’s fat, slow, and he needs to put up 20 shots in a game to be effective.

and then…

3. The Bench- I despise the Boston bench more than any bench in the NBA right now. Eddie House looks like a wannabe gangster and needs to shot a 3 pointer everytime he touches the ball to get his points.

Oh, there’s more. This is guy is a Lakers fan… so it’s obvious that he’s jealous. He’s really gonna be pissed on Christmas day. Can’t wait to revisit this later.



9 Responses

  1. If he watched them play the the Phoenix nine last night he should be pissed, he’s already knows he’ll be watching the Dodgers in June.

  2. Man that guy just sounds like a tool. Everything he said was false, except for his obvious distaste for the the C’s. Like you said, can’t wait for christmas.

  3. I love haters.

    They hate because they want to be us.

  4. Yeah… haters are fantastic. Consider this post a Christmas gift them (phew… no one tell him it was free)

  5. Haha!! Check out what someone wrote for a comment…

    “I hope you get a new Hess fire truck for Christmas little guy. Your so precious. Good luck in 1st grade next year slugger. We’re all rooting for you.”

    Thats pretty damn funny.. I always wanted one of those Hess Trucks.

    Sounds like something you would write John.. Was it you? haha

  6. He mentions that the Celtics lucked out in getting Ray and KG. Lucked out? Does he remember the 2006 draft? Danny traded the pick for Telfair and Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract which was HUGE in making the salaries work to land KG. Now, while in hindsight I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out one could certainly debate Danny’s decision to roll the dice and trade away the pick that became Brandon Roy. However, whether you agree with the tactic or not anyone knowledgable enough should recognize that there was quite a bit of strategy involved in what would eventually bring KG to the Celtics.

  7. I didn’t click the link. Is this from Sasha Vujacic’s blog?

  8. I find it funny that he is saying Celtics ‘lucked out’ nobody ‘lucked out’ more then the Lakers when they got Gasol for a bag of peanuts.

  9. G4L… no… it wasn’t me. I wish it was though.. that’s pretty funny

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