More Haters


Man… the haters have come out to play.

The latest edition:  “Why you should despise KG”

The thing I find most alarming, most despicable, is who the targets of his ‘intimidation’ (can it even be termed that?) are. Yet to see him try any of this on – or even against – any of the bigger, more physically intimidating opponents. No, just a rookie, and a point guard… and his own bench-dwelling team-mate.

People used to love KG.  Now he’s wearing a “Boston” across his chest, getting a ton of added attention because Boston games are everywhere now, and wearing a ring.  Now the hate is starting to flow.  I love human society.  “We love you… until you’re wildly successful.  Then we pick everything you do apart… marginalize you… and criticize you even more when you retreat from the sudden scorn.”

KG is the same as he ever was.  He’s always dropped more MF bombs in a single game than a trucker does in an entire cross-country trip.  He’s always gotten into it with his teammates.

But we should just accept it now, Celtics fans, because this is a reflection of what people think of us.  We’re Boston… we’re at the top… so we’re hated.  Jesus could return, suit up for the C’s, and in 2 years people would start snickering “look at him… showing off in those sandals.  I don’t care if he’s the son of God… he should be wearing sneakers like everyone else.”


Boston still love you KG.  And to all you haters.  This is called the “Cobra”.

And FYI… that site, With-Malice, is run by a Lakers fan.  He’s a nice guy… but he’s still a Lakers fan.


15 Responses

  1. a bunch of pussy’s bitching….thats all i saw on that site.

  2. The Calderon taunting thing was really the only problem I’ve had with the guy. Ever. His intensity should be admired, not shot down.

  3. Air Jesus…that guy’s good. Can’t miss from half-court.

  4. ’nuff said…
    He was just as crazy and quirky on the T-wolves… Does no one remember him punching Wally .S[not attempting his last name] in the face?? Does no one remember MJ chewing players on his own team out?? THE BEST EXPECT THE BEST!!! or GET OFF THE DAMN COURT!! …

    Compare with Lakerland…. instead of talking to teammates certain players glare, throw fits by not shooting during playoff games, and talk to the media about the problems …right much more manly

    More… KG has had a history with “bigger players” too ….ZaZa Puchulia …Andrew Bogut …Nene.. Tim Duncan if you didn’t know KG existed before last year..FINE… but don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

    Compare it to football… no one calls out Joey porter for talking trash to matt cassel or any other offensive player that won’t get to take a clean shot at him during the game…the moral…if you wear “BOSTON” everyone has a problem with you

    …Probably don’t even know who the fun police were

  5. “a bunch of pussy’s bitching….thats all i saw on that site.”
    – yup… because, I mean… you’re such a tough guy.

    Anyway – Hey RA. Thought I’d pop on by given you linked me.
    I think that categorising me as having the opinion *because I’m a Lakers fan* isn’t quite correct. Yeah, I “hate” Boston, but in the way that a good sporting rivalry exists. Not as a true emotive experience, but in fun. One of my longest-time friends – and a commenter at my site (brumbygg) is a Boston fan, and whilst he’ll be in Canada at that time, and I in Japan – there’s nothing more either of us would like more than to be able to sit down and watch the game together and participate in some good-natured ribbing.

    Anyway, yes – my dislike for KG has grown. It’s a real pity, because I don’t think he needs to engage in this type of behavior – his game alone is intimidating enough.
    But that has nothing to do with him playing for Boston, other than maybe he gets more limelight now.
    I’m glad the Boston Celtics are strong again (even tho’ it cost my Lakers a title last season). Good for basketball… and honestly – long term I think it’s good for the Lakers too.

    Whilst I ‘hate-the-Celtics’, there are quite a few players I really like there. Big Ray Allen fan (personally thought he was the Finals MVP), Rondo’s really convinced me he’s the real deal. And I am like-wise impressed with Kendrick Perkins.

    KG? Not so much. Least… not any more.

    Perhaps you could take off the cloak of martyrdom now?

    Anyway, the above doesn’t stop me from hoping that New Orleans beats you today!

  6. I have another reason to despise the whiny Lakers and their fans.

  7. pretty sure the Cobra started w/ David West last year who is listed at 6-9 and 240lb – not exactly a small guy…

  8. Yep, alot of the haters don’t know the facts.

  9. To all those who bitch and moan about KG…I assume they are all from Connecticut where they legislate how many points you can win by in high school football. This is rapidly becoming a nation of pu$$ies

  10. Steve Aschburner writes for and Sports Illustrated, and covered just about every moment of Garnett’s Minnesota career. He explains:

    I always found it, let’s say, quirky that Garnett would have these dust-ups with some of the most unlikely combatants. Guys like Andrew Bogut (no offense but not yet all-NBA), Mark Pope, Joel Przybilla, Rick Rickert (in a summer pickup game), Wally Szczerbiak, Francisco Elson, Tyrone Nesby, Anthony Peeler. The list doesn’t exactly read like an All-Star roster, which then makes people wonder if he is more likely to bully a fringe guy than he is to take on one of his giants-of-the-game peers. Some growling or staredowns with fellas such as Tim Duncan and Amare Stoudemire through the years, but nothing approaching flailing, skirmishes or donnybrooks. No doubt it stems from some sort of passion, but it also seems to pack an element of umbrage taken when some mere mortal gets on his cloud. It would be nice if he would cool it.

    Pretty much to sum up this article, KG is a pussy and wont a pick a fight with anyone meaningful or his own size.. Calderon? Jerryd Bayless of Portland? Get the Fuck outta here Garnett lets see you buck up to Artest, Amare or Shaq.. I GUARANTEE IT WONT HAPPEN.

  11. No it is the the ones who whine about it incessantly that look like the pussies.

  12. Funny thing is, nobody complained too much until thbis year. Which makes the complainers look even worse.

  13. People act as if KG is picking on high school and elemenary school players. These are all grown men!!!

  14. At least he hasn’t biten a Tree yet! Now that intimidation!!!

  15. I hate this whole idea that KG targets small dudes like he’s a bully. The man will attack anyone who gets in his way. And from what I can remmember some of his biggest in game beefs were with amare staudamire.

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