Site News: Mother Nature Sucks

Chuck was among the people hit hard by a huge ice storm around here… and I’m heading to the game tonight.  So we apologize in advance if updates are a little sporadic.  But rest assured… Chuck is driving around trying to find some free WiFi to cherry-pick so we can toss something on here.

I’ll try to throw a few updates up on our Twitter page as the game moves on… so please check that out.


6 Responses

  1. Hope Chuck finds WiFi.

    I’m going to the game, too. Can’t wait to see Po-Z get his ring.

  2. Tell him to find a Panera. Their Wifi is free.

  3. It’s hitting everywhere! I’m in Washington State (Spokane) and we’re experiencing quite the snow storm that is suppose to dump like nine inches overnight.

    Which means I’m currently dug in at home watching… NCAA Men’s Soccer. Somebody save my soul please.

  4. I twittered the shit out of the game…. so go visit our twitter page.

    Just fyi.. it’s 2:20 am… and my father kept me out longer than Chuck or my brother ever have. My dad also kissed a hot 20 year old right in front of her boyfriend…. with zero consequences.

    Did I mention my dad is a fucking pimp?

  5. WHAT? That’s the best story I’ve ever heard.

    How do you get to the Twitter page….

    And I was at the game last night too…. the bad thing about being so good, is that the crowds have sucked this year in my opinion. Not really the fans fault… we’re just too good.

  6. Nevermind… I see the link now.

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