The 12 Days of Christmas

There are 12 days left until the big Celtics-Lakers game on Christmas day.  So we’re kicking off our own version of the “12 Days of Christmas” song.  Each day, we’ll add one.

On the first day of Christmas, the Celtics gave to me….

A ring for Tony Allen’s pinky!

Get it?  Tomorrow, we’ll see what the Celtics gave on the second day… and so on.

Until then, please enjoy this LA Times piece on how soft the Lakers really are.

One of the Suns drove Wednesday night with Bynum, 290 pounds, bigger than an apartment building, standing right there. The lane opened wide, with the driving Sun followed by the Queen Mary. Did Bynum put the guy on his butt? Did he send a message that this is my lane and my house and no one dunks on us here?

No, he just watched him. In fact, Bynum stopped just short of clasping his hands together so the guy could jump off them like a trampoline, the way you boost a child over a fence. Or holding up a “10” card to praise the dunk.

Over on the Examiner, I call out the KG haters.

human nature being what it is, people will at the same time criticize Tim Duncan for not having enough emotion and KG for having too much.  The masses, sadly, are never happy.  Kevin Garnett may be exceptional on the court, but off the court, he’s no exception to the rules of fame.  He was built up for years in Minnesota.  Now that he’s reached the top in Boston, he’s being torn down.

What really kills me is that KG is everything fans want in an athlete:  passionate about winning, cordial to the fans and in the media, and NEVER in police blotter.  Instead of appreciating that, some people want to tear that apart. Luckily, that’s not the case in Boston.  His fans here appreciate who he is and what he’s done.  The haters… well… screw ’em.


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