Oh My Dear God NO!!

My head suddenly hurts.  I… I can’t even come up with the words…. so…..

The Boston Celtics are one of a handful of teams, according to sources close to the situation, who have expressed interest in embattled Stephon Marbury if the embattled point guard is bought out by the New York Knicks.

That come courtesy of Jeff Goodman at Fox Sports.  Oh God… I’ve got to go vomit again….

Celtics boss Danny Ainge, according to the source, is legitimately interested in bringing Marbury on board because of his ability to handle pressure defenses – an area where backup Eddie House has struggled.

Come on.  This can’t be.  I can’t handle Stephon in a Celtics jersey.  I can’t handle Stephon celebrating in our locker room.  I can’t.  I just can’t.

And what, may I ask, is Sam Cassell here for?


18 Responses

  1. Don’t even say it out loud Danny, the boy is cancer.

  2. Please tell me Danny is only pretending to be interested to try to dupe some other team (the article does claim the Lakers are interested) into grabbing the cancer and self-destructing!

  3. I’ve already lit candles and prayed to 13 different Gods. If anyone else has any ideas, shoot them to me. I’d try animal sacrifice.. but I’m not sure my wife would be into that.

    Guess I could ask.

  4. I just puked up my lunch on that sick twisted thought, no more Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. For the love of Leon Powe and all that is holy and sacred, may this never, ever happen. I couldn’t stand it. Ugh.

  6. This can’t be true… I hope it’s really not true…

  7. I said it before. I will call and surrender my season tickets and demand a refund if they sign that idiot.

  8. TARDbury would ruin us…please god no…

  9. Its bullshit anyways. We have no need for a backup pg.

  10. No f*cking way. Red, this is some Laker fan trying to punk the Celtics and the fans.

    “A Source.” Yeah ok, my “source” told your “source” to go fuck yourself.

    If the Cs bring in Steph, I’ll tattoo a shoe logo on my skull…oh wait…

  11. besides, Fox doesn’t have real journalists. They’re just trying to increase the amount of hits on their website…It’s the Manny Ramirez tactic…bait a ravid fan base, in this case make up a completely false story to bait Celtics fans into going to their website to find out more, thus increasing their viewership and advertising revenues.

    Boycott Fox

    …and Marbury

  12. I for one, think that it would work out better than you guys think it would. What the hell could marbury do to disrupt the chemistry?? He has absolutely no authority in that locker room, until he proves it…If he starts shit, hes gone.

    I think theres one thing you cant count on Starbury to do, and thats look out for his own best interest…As long as his doesnt conflict with the team’s, then all is well. In this case, his best interest is to be a saint, wherever he goes.

    I basically feel the same way about him as I did randy moss, except he’s got a lower ceiling than randy, but with more talent around him.

    I still dont want this to happen, so dont get me wrong…But it could possibly work, and worse case, its still better than all you are making it out to be.

  13. Agreed with the well-monikered PxFunk. No one player is messing up this team, and especially nobody who’s going to assume a bit-role. Marbury can’t aggravate me much more than Sam did last year.

  14. Marbury has refused to play all season since he lost his starting job.

    He’s NOT going to get Rondo’s job.

    So what’s he going to do? Come here and sit on the bench with Sam and be our 3rd string unused backup point guard?

  15. Hell must’ve frozen over. Let’s hope this “interest” is the same as what they had for D-Miles. I think the Fakers PR machine is behind this…

  16. Hopefully the play of Pruitt will put a stop to this.

  17. Despite being banned from the Knicks, Stephon Marbury is reportedly thinking about attending Tuesday night’s game in Los Angeles against the Lakers as a fan.

    Marbury told The New York Post last week he was headed for a two-week West Coast vacation.

  18. […] Celtics interest in Steph was back in December… a report that elicited a post from me called Oh My Dear God No… which ended with me saying I can’t handle Stephon in a Celtics jersey.  I can’t handle […]

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