Paul Pierce Is Skinny


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We all know Paul Pierce came back from his championship summer hungry.  Hungry for another title… and hungry for some chalupas or something.  Because the captain gave up all the crappy food… and started to eat healthier.

“I just cut back on a lot of meats, like red meats. I don’t eat a lot of steak as much as I did before, hamburgers, stuff like that,” he explained. “It’s more chicken and fish, salads, pasta. Not as much pasta either, but you gotta sneak it in there sometimes. There are some great Italian places out here in Boston.”

Paul revealed his dining secrets in an interview with ESPN.  Along with sharing his diet secrets… he shared the reason why the Celtics will extend their winning streak tonight.  Revenge.

“That’s the one game I can really remember because they really beat us,” Pierce said of Utah’s 110-92 win at the Garden last year. “They outplayed us and outhustled us.”

The best team in basketball, with revenge on its mind, and with pretenders already falling off (I’m looking at you, Cleveland and LA)… this will be a big statement to make.

Also out there:  The Celtics made the Electronic House “Top 10 HD Sports Broadcasts of 2008.” Their return to glory (you remember… when we smoked the Lakers?) came it at number 8.

And that transitions us nicely to our second day of Christmas:

On the second day of Christmas, the Celtics gave to me…

2 straight Finals losses by the Lakers

and a ring for Tony Allen’s pinky!

Globe:  Beating was hard to forget |  Herald:  Jazz scouting report |  Enterprise News:  C’s 5 wins away from streak record |   USA Today:  In 3rd season, Rondo has C’s off and running |  MWDN:  Jazz a unique opponent Grizz win 4 straight Posey drills 6 3’s in win


4 Responses

  1. He’s eating better…great. Now all he has to do is get that facial hair to come in even so he doesn’t look like the blimp view of a golf course with a ton of sand traps

  2. Well.. if it hasn’t come in by now……

  3. LOL Rj…some things a max contract can’t buy

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