Rondo Rocks Utah, Pierce Injured

Deron Williams was getting back in the groove over the past 10 days, averaging a double-double. But tonight, Deron and the Jazz got Rondo’d.

How’s this for a stat line? 25 pts, 7-14 FG, 11-15 FT, 9 reb, 8 assists, 3 stls. 14 of those  points came in the 4th quarter as the Celtics wrapped up their 15th straight win, 100-91.

Paul Pierce limped into the locker-room with :30 seconds left after Mehmet Okur crashed into his left knee. The replay made me cringe. Here’s hoping it’s just hyper-extended.

Pierce did address the media after the game. Here are my shorthand notes:

“It’s a little tender…knee kinda buckled…able to put weight on it….just landed on the knee…it went straight back.

Gabe Pruitt (8 pts in 9 minutes) also played well, taking Eddie House’s spot off the bench.

Box Score | Recap

“This has been an atrociously officiated game. That official should go home.” – Tommy Heinsohn

Tommy nearly had a stroke bitching about the officials. But he quieted down in the fourth as the Celtics finally got the benefit of some calls. For 3 quarters, it appeared to me that Utah was allowed to be much more physical than the C’s.

Cheerleader pictures….after the jump. To be honest, they’re more weird than hot.


6 Responses

  1. even laker girls FAIL

  2. What about Rondo after the game saying his back is killing him and he has a strained achilles?

    If that’s what he’s like when he’s hurt…. what’s he like at 100%?


  4. Truth is tough as hell, I’m sure after a day off he will be on the court in ATL. I am hoping anyways…

  5. Rondo definitely rocks man………. the guy play phenomenally but Pierce injury was surely unexpected……..I really want him to get well soon and get back to the court…… of luck Pierce

  6. Anyone else think Paul Pierce is really Wolverine sans claws? The guy is the quickest healer ever. Even haters can’t say he faked that.

    You can see a 280lb Mehmet Okur go crashing into his knee hyperextending it…you saw Perk go crashing into his knee and bending it the wrong way last year in the finals…about 5-6 yrs ago, i saw him faceplant after a hard foul, lose a couple teeth, had a root canal done the next day and played that night.

    And oh yeah, he was fucking stabbed 11 times in the back, neck and shoulders and didn’t miss a game. Just made his 1st All-Star team to celebrate his speedy recovery.

    The MuthaFuckin Truth!!

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