A Nickname For Perk & Rondo

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Rich Levine of Comcast SportsNet has begun the search for a nickname for the other two guys in our starting lineup.

With their emergence this season, they deserve far more than the title of the “other two starters.” All good heroes need a sidekick and Perk and Rondo have proved themselves more than worthy. They’ve become the Robin to the Big Three’s Batman. They’re the Bake to their Shake or, if you prefer, the Magic Men to their El Diablo. They deserve a nickname that expresses this.

What do you think?  Someone’s got to have some good ideas.


35 Responses

  1. Big Three + “The Treacherous Two” = Hawks go down tonight.

    I hope Paul is OK.

  2. I know its a bit bland but it was the first thing that came to mind!

  3. not a bad start. Very late 70’s rap.

  4. Beastondo

  5. RajonBeast

  6. The Fat Guy and The Skinny Guy

  7. LOL @ Beastondo. Sounds like a bad Spanish soap opera

  8. The Fat Guy and The Skinny Guy

    i like it haha

  9. How about:

    “The other Two Guys who never get credit for shit, but are still 1000% better than the starters on every other NBA team.”

    or maybe:

    “Guys NewsFlashMike and The Real Truth wish their teams had”.

  10. I don’t think Rondo needs a nickname. He’s got a great surname.

  11. Danno.. if you are asking me if i would rather have The Fat Guy or Horford at the 5.. then you must be fucking retarded. epic fail on that one. The Skinny Guy has a lot more potential than the Fat Guy, but he seems to be very streaky. Either really good or really average. I know you guys hail The Skinny Guy as the next MJ around here, but if he plays like he did against the Jazz on a much more consistent basis I will give him some more credit. Overall, he is improving year after year and he has potential, but he is not Hall of Famer you fanboys make him out to be.

  12. KRONDO…

  13. What about the big 4 + The average center who gets too many Technical’s

  14. Rondo – doesn’t need a nickname as someone said.

    Perk is the Beast. Or maybe Hulk.

  15. Speedy and the Beast

  16. Beastondo is making me laugh out loud at work. That’s hilarious. I’m going with that one….

  17. Perkinstein and Count Flashula
    Slash and Burn(perk’s temper)
    NASDAQ (because everytime you turn around they’ve dropped 20 points on you)
    The Bookends
    Spiderman and The Hulk (again with the temper… also big and green)
    Fire and Slice
    Rajon and Rage On
    The Green Line (because Perk’s always taking the T)

  18. Nice job, Dicky…I vote for “Slash and Burn”

  19. Ok dicky.. cut the shit. Smart nicknames like “The Green Line” and “NASDAQ” aren’t welcome here. Please stick to dick jokes and sophomoric humor.

    NASDAQ indeed.

  20. beauty and the beast

  21. well rondo looks like an alien and perkins looks like ivan ooze from the power rangers movie so….C3POOZE

  22. Kendro Arigondo Mr. roDoc-o

  23. perkiset


  25. Thunder & Lightning

  26. Kendrajon Rondperko

  27. Why do I think Rondperko is so funny?

  28. Its just one of those words that sounds funny, like squirrel, or pickle, or scrotum. The english language is something else.

  29. The Thriller and The Killer

  30. Biggie and Smalls

  31. Ren and Stimpy

  32. i like rajon and rage on.

    i’ve always just called them ‘the little two’.

  33. How about KenRon?

  34. Hit and Run

  35. Well, Perk looks baked all the time and Rondo is second in the league in steals, so how about “Smokey and the Bandit”? If Perk can do a good Dom Delouise chuckle it comes full circle…

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