KG = Clutch, Joe Johnson = Choke

Joe Johnson missed a potentially game tying free throw with 2 seconds left, paving the way for the Celtics 16th straight win. KG (18 pts, 8 reb, 2 blks) was the man for the C’s, dropping 10 points in the fourth quarter including a half-hook shot that put Boston ahead with :30 left.

“Beastondo” teamed up for a helluva play with 9 seconds left as Perkins (8 pts, 10 reb, 4 blks) blocked Joe Johnson and Rondo grabbed the loose ball and got fouled. Rondo (15 pts, 7 assists, 6 reb) did miss one free throw but fortunately for us, Johnson gagged.

Rondo really showed his maturity on that possession which ended with the lob to KG for the dunk with 1:30 left. He could have easily hoisted an awkward shot in the lane, but he remained patient even with the shot clock winding down and eventually found Garnett.

Dramatic finish aside, this was an ugly game for 3 quarters. Both teams found their offensive rhythm in the final quarter.

More to come….

Box Score | Recap

“….feels good to come in here and spoil their dreams.” – Kendrick Perkins

After the jump, some pictures of the Hawks dancers….


24 Responses

  1. Great Great game!! We need these kinds of games so the team can find ways to win close games. WOW that was just great and the streak goes on…..

  2. Best win of the season.

  3. I didn’t even notice Joe Johnson choking, I was too busy looking at the races of the Hawks fans in the lower level.


    Dear ESPN,

    Stop saying other teams have a “Big 3.” I know since you are too busy following Brett Farve around and looking into the Rocket’s sex life it might be hard to realize that that is indeed a Boston Celtics moniker.



  4. Interesting, instead of blaming your team leader for choking in the clutch, you blame the referees in a very evenly officiated game.

  5. You’ve got to be kidding me with the refs comment. The Hawks shot more FT’s than the C’s. There were more foul calls on the C’s. If the refs were on the Celtics side, Johnson wouldn’t have gone to the line at the end of the game… it would have been a no-call.

    Face it. You lost. Good game. Great battle. The Hawks are good. The Celtics are better

  6. lol that game was some BS. Some much BS. Biggest BS game of the season

    8 on 5. Boston has 8 on the floor every time. 5 in green, 3 in black and white – December 17, 2008 at 9:53 pm

  7. what an embarrassing name by 8 on 5

    kg was huge…i dont know what it is…but i really really don’t like the hawks, the reaction after that sick dunk by josh smith made me want to fight someone

    perks constant defensive 3 seconds are starting to bug me as well

    enough nit picking…gutsy win by the celts considering they couldn’t hit anything from behind the arc

  8. kg after that sick jump hook

  9. i hate the hawks.. i hate them more than the lakers. i hate them as much as i hated the pistons last year.. i even hate them more than i hate the cavs.. fuck marvin williams. fuck zaza. fuck al horford. fuck mike bibby (house fucks his sister). i respect josh smith but fuck him anyway. and i like joe johnson (he used to wear celtic green)

    on a lighter note i lost fucking money on this game but dont give a shit cuz i took the c’s but they didnt cover. KG showed up in the fourth. rondo kept us in the game til then

    why couldnt we have our starters in early in the 4th like the hawks did?

  10. My favorite part of the game was watching Zaza cry about getting a foul called on him for playing scrappy and forcing Leon Powe to go out of bounds…. I hate him so much. I agree with droopy, the Hawks know how to get on my bad side.

  11. Ryan are you in NC? I am going to the Bobcats game on Jan 6th.

  12. the clippers dude? to be honest i dont give a shit if we lose a meaningless game like that.. its like our loss to the pacers in november. who gives a shit. all we need to do is keep beating the “contenders” like the “hollingers NBA rankings best team in the fuckin NBA cleveland cavaliersssss at 20-4” didnt we beat them opening night? who know. pistons? oh yea toast.. hawks? twice in close games. fuck.. raptors? gone.. sixers? gonnneee soon to be again on tuesday.. magic? did we play them oh yea we did. did we beat them? oh yea we did… fuck the haters. were on top til someone shows us otherwise im sick of the national fucking media. i cant wait for xmas day.. LETS GO C’S

  13. Clippers couln’t fight their way through a paper bag at their record 7-17.

  14. This guy is pretty funny. Possibly drunk, too. Or retarded. Either way… I love it.

  15. Yeah losing is fun!!!!!

  16. Sorry man the UNC stands for my forum name UNC332. I actually happen to go to UNH… perhaps its time for a name change haha.

  17. The Clippers actually have been playing better as of late.

    But… if this was a fan of any other team I would be angry with him… but it’s the Clippers, so I love it.

  18. Just a note on the Clippers…. Marcus Camby has 26 rebounds tonight…..

    In the word’s of Tommy:

    ” Wellllll, ahhhh, this kid’s gonna be good.”

  19. LOL I love how instead of bashing the Clippers fan, you guys embrace him like a mentally challenged younger cousin.

  20. Alll of those rebounds and they still lose to the Bulls. Yes, Celtics are shaking in their boots. A clippers troll…cute! LOL

  21. this clippers guy is an idiot and the clippers are trash. rondo is gonna give it to baron davis no way davis can stay in front of him. i really hate when donny marshall calls games, he trys to sound like he knows what hes talking about when he says things about random players like maurice evan being a great defensive player. then he realizes he sucks like two minutes after hes in the game and says whoever hes guarding the celtics should go to. if heinson cant be there i say we get remdawg to travel with goreman, at least he isnt miserable to listen to. i actually listened to marc jackson on espn rather than csn, honestly im gonna write csn a letter or something and probably mention their d bags for firing cousy. celts played good by the way but they could have blown out the hawks in the first quarter if they hit their shots.

  22. clippers 70 boston 127

  23. Does anyone from f’ing Atlanta know what the difference is between lose and loose?

    Here are a few examples:
    + Atlanta will lose every game they play against the Celtics this year.
    + Boston looked very loose tonight as they trounced the horrible Atlanta Hawks.

    Do you stupid Fs see the difference now?

    The Hawks didn’t loose the game – that is just not proper English. You’re welcome! (don’t get me started on that one)

  24. Best WIN

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