Paul Pierce, Renaissance Man

Upside and Motor is a damn fine NBA blog that, unlike us, puts effort into original ideas.  To be fair, though, they probably haven’t sniffed NEARLY as much glue.

So they came up with this thing today that is absolutely fascinating.  They broke down classifications of every kind of player… and arranged it in a hierarchy:

Then they went a step further and put together yearbook style pages to describe each of these classifications.  KG is a “refined big man” and Paul Pierce is a renaissance man.  They describe that as:

Renaissance man – Dabbles, and succeeds, in doing practically everything.  They can handle the rock, set up their teammates, rebound well for their position, and score at will.

Just go read their post.  It’s ridiculously thought out and great fodder for debate.

FYI… Chuck and I had planned on doing something like this… but then we saw pictures of boobs.  I mean… what would you do in that situation?


13 Responses

  1. That describes KG as well. Pretty much meaqns all around player.

  2. I love the the high talent low IQ (G Green) and the Chucker (Walker)

  3. Yeah… the chucker one made me laugh. It also made think Antoine looks really fat in that picture.

  4. There should be a top tier for the Kobe/LeBron/Wade type to go along with Elite PG and Refined Big Man.

    I mean, where would you put Michael Jordan? He’s not on the top tier because he’s neither a big man or a point guard?

    Refined Big Man-Renaissance Man (kobe, lebron, wade, pierce)-Elite PG should be the top 3 levels.

  5. Poor Antoine.

    Also the Kwame Brown/Lottery Bust had me dying.

  6. I think their point, ATR, is that only LeBron is in a class by himself. I would classify LeBron as an inflated renaissance man.

    But Kobe, interestingly, is not separated out. He’s a pure scorer.

  7. I would be interested in seeing where Red’s Army puts each member of this Celtics team.

  8. since you asked:

    I agree with the KG and Pierce classifications.

    Rondo: Pass first point
    Ray: Pure Shooter
    Perk: Interior Defensive Presence

    House: 3-point bomber
    Leon: Intangible Role Player
    Baby: hustle player
    Pruitt: Under construction
    Scal: Locker Room chemist
    Patrick O’Bryant: Raw, project center
    Cassell: (I’ll be kind here): Veteran floor general
    Tony Allen: This one is tough. He can fall under so many categories. At his best, he’s a scoring combo guard. At his worst, he’s a high talent, low IQ wing player. So I’m going to go right in the middle and say he’s an explosive wing. Very tough call though.

  9. I agree with what you put, except I might call Cassell a “Chucker” and might move POB to “Lottery Bust” eventually.

  10. I was thinking Chucker for Cassell… which is why I put the parenthetical remark in there. But I upgraded him.

    And I agree on POB. He isn’t quite at lottery bust yet.. but he’s heading that way.

  11. One classification all of our guys are, or will be, is a RING BEARER

  12. one classification all of our guys`are, or will be, is RING BEARERS

  13. I hate to say this but TA might be a rangeless slasher at this point

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