Unfinished Business

AP Photo/Gregory Smith

AP Photo/Gregory Smith

It’s the go-to digg at the Boston Celtics.  Any time people want to bring up any possible weakness.

“Remember… this is a team that was taken to 7 games by the Hawks last year.”

My initial reaction is to tell those people to go fornicate themselves.  But, the truth is, they have a point.  The Celtics were uncommonly bad in that building.  Their play in Atlanta was disjointed, lackluster, and mind-boggling.  How could they play so poorly against a team they were destroying at home?

Tonight won’t be easy.  I know Paul Pierce says he’s fine, but we’ll see if he’s truly 100%.  Meanwhile, the Hawks are 9-1 at home.  If the C’s really want to get this monkey off their back, they have to defend and rebound.  Not only are those the keys to any Celtics domination… the Hawks are 10-1 when they out-rebound their opponents and 12-2 when they have a better shooting percentage.  When the Celtics are getting offensive rebounds, they demoralize opponents.  If they let Atlanta limit them to 1 shot, this becomes a tempo Atlanta likes.

I, of course, think a motivated Celtics team is impossible to beat… so I’m going for the win.  But I don’t know if this will be one of those “over-motivated” type of scenarios… where KG is SO emotional, he takes himself out of the game.  The big difference this time around, though, is Ray Allen.  We remember how horrible he was early in the playoffs.  He’s been the opposite of that this year.  I think he alone can change the dynamic in that building.

Hey… it’s our birthday!  RedsArmy.com is now three years old!  We started this piece of crap in December of  ’05.  We’re still evolving… and managing to do so without getting any better.  That takes talent.  We were going to celebrate by taking a bus trip to Scores… but that’s out the window.  So instead I’m going to stay home and get my dog drunk.  Speaking of things being done while drunk… onto our 4th day of Christmas.

On the fourth day of Christmas the Celtics gave to me…

4 monster blocks from Kendrick Perkins

3 point bombs from Ray and Eddie

2 straight Finals losses by the Lakers

and a ring for Tony Allen’s pinky!

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5 Responses

  1. happy b day reds army… now on to business.. i like your analysis.. i believe ray allen is the key as well for the OldGuys, he shot very poorly in the game at Boston vs the Hawks earlier this year. If he would have hit some of those 3’s, it wouldnt have come down to the wire. Also I am interested to see if the Hawks put Joe on Rondo defensively (instead of Bibby) due to his stellar play recently. Rebounding is going to be crucial as well, if Horford or Smith get in foul trouble the Hawks will be toast. I don’t see the Hawks losing in their building tonight, although I hope all the hype doesn’t get them off track. Hawks win by 5. When I get back from the game I will come on here to take my beating if we lose. If Garnett gets on all fours during the game at any point I will run onto the court from my 3rd row seat and kick him in the face and get arrested (and prob beat up) and I will be on here tomorrow when I get bailed out. But its worth it.

  2. How large do you think the Celtics lead will get before the Shot clock starts magically “malfunctioning”?

  3. Does anyone ever notice that when KG goes all Cobra on the court, the opponent scores about 90% of the time? I mean, it looks all bad a$$, but it serves to fire up the other team. And why is it bad for KG to do it, but when the Duke BB team does it IN UNISON, everyone prasies them for being ‘tenacious’? I smell a race thing…

  4. Josh Smith is the only human on the planet I’ve seen that’s actually been able to alter/block the Garnett fadeaway from the post.

    Hawks are nasty. But of course, I still like the Champs in this one. Look out for a hot Ray and Rondo might teabag someone tonight.

  5. Now that would be something.

    I guess the other 4 guys would just hold… say… Bibby down for Rondo

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