A Lotta Oops This Year

I don’t have any official stats, but after watching KG and Rondo connect on that alley oop last night… I thought to myself “Damn… Rondo’s thrown a lot of oops to KG this year”

I know they torched the Pacers  a couple of times.  Then they dusted off that same play against Portland (pictured).  Last night’s alley oop was a little different… but I can’t remember this many in all of last year.

The alley oop is, along with the half court shot, the most exciting play in basketball… especially when you don’t realize one is being set up.  Think about it.  You’re sitting there watching a half court set… and then you see the ball lobbed towards the rim.  In that second that it hangs there… your eye scans the crowd… “who’s gonna catch it?”  Then you realize who the recipient will be… “can he get to it?”  And then…



I love that these guys have found a way to hook up so often.  It’s very indicative of the growing comfort level between Rondo and his teammates.  The alley oop is based in trust.  The passer trusts his guy to get there… the dunker trusts the guy to put the ball on a tee.  These guys trust each other more than ever… and the results are a lot of fun to watch.


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  1. I agree and they gonna eventually have to get Bill Walker in on the oop signal.

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