Why Kevin McHale Is A Bad GM

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

I’m on record:  I hate that Kevin McHale is now a joke in the NBA.  But when he does things like blame bloggers for the spate of coach firings, it’s kinda easy to see why.

“I think you’re going to see more and more shorter term stuff in our league,” he said. “Just because the access now, there’s so much media availability and everything else. There’s just so many bloggers; everybody’s got an opinion. There’s all kinds of stuff going on. Sometimes that starts forming the opinion of people in front offices, too, and owner. It’s been kind of a crazy year so far.”

If Kevin McHale lets morons like me influence his opinion on who will stay and who will go, then he needs to be banned from every front office forever.  If I’m an owner, and I’m hear McHale say bloggers start forming the opinion of people in front offices… then I’m not even calling him for an interview.

Being a GM means you tune all that crap out.  You don’t listen to the fans and their overreactions.  You don’t read the columnists who will often take bombastic approaches just to sell papers or drive ratings.  As a GM, you evaluate your coach and your talent based on everything you see… and everything fans and columnists don’t get to see.  If you’re letting the bloggers and writers influence your opinion… then you’re a horrible GM.  And if your owner is the one reading that stuff… you need to have the sack, and intelligence, to explain to him that the fans and writers are wrong… and here’s why.

You’ll see a backlash today on the web as bloggers defend themselves… but the bigger issue is the tacit admission that general managers, perhaps McHale in particular, are influence by what we write.

Ugh, it kills me to write this stuff about such a pure Celtic.  Just kills me.

By the way:  What do all 6 fired head coaches have in common with Doc Rivers?  They all have the same agent… and Doc is the only head coaching client that agent has left that still has a team.

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4 Responses

  1. I don’t think you can realistically take such a stark view of the front office vs. fans relationship. Fans are the true customer of the team and if they’re not happy enough to attend games and buy merchandise, then the organization’s bottom line suffers. If the organization doesn’t take that into account then they’re not in tune with their customer base. The article in the Globe today where Duquette talks about missing out on Teixeira ten years ago mentions how much Boston fans would have loved Burrell and Tex. And fan outrage sometimes gets Tito to stop being an idiot with certain players, like Ellsbury. So the organization must take fan sentiment into account–and they’ve admitted it–but it must be tempered with what only they know.

  2. Do you guys think the KG trade was that bad for Minn? Everyone blasts McHale for making that trade and they put McHale on par w/ the doosh for the Grizzlies that got ZERO in return for the Gasol trade.

    Now it’s easy to pt to the fact that the Cs had the greatest turnaround ever by a team post-trade and won a ring and the T-Wolves did nothing, but they did get a lot for Garnett.

    McHale got Big Al who’s surely a stud and is dirt cheap:
    AL’s #s: 22pts, 10rebs, 2assts
    KG’s #s: 16pts, 9rebs, 2 assts

    Throw in Gomes, an NBA starter, Telfair, backup PG, and a draft pick and what else do you want?

    How about Gerald Green who i honestly at the time didn’t want to part with. I thought he was going to be T-Mac. Turned out he was a bust but that’s a lottery pick flyer that a sh!tty Minnesota team HAS to take.

  3. Bill,

    I get what you’re saying. The customer should be heard. But the problem with sports is that the customer has such a visceral reaction to everything without having full access to what’s going on… that it’s impossible to follow their every whim.

    Look… we’re all fans here. I go nuts over each game, too. But fans think a guy who has a couple of good game is an all-star and guys who have a bad stretch are bums who should be traded. Think of Gerald Green. People wanted to make him the center piece of this team and to fire Doc, in part, for not doing so. Think back to the whole Michael Bishop/Drew Bledsoe debate from a few years back.

    My point is, a GM worth his salt can’t listen to what bloggers are writing because we’re writing things based on incomplete data. I’m not in the locker room. I’m not at practice… or at charity functions. I don’t talk to these guys on the phone. I can only write about what I see and what I sense. So there’ s no way an owner or GM can read Red’s Army and make decisions based on us… because we’d give Rondo a max deal and we wouldn’t have traded Al Jefferson.

    So yes, I agree that the fans should have some influence in the sense that we can express our dissatisfaction. We can let owners know that we won’t be accepting of a bad situation if we feel it’s going nowhere. But they shouldn’t make hasty decisions because of it. All they need to show is progress… not a hair trigger

  4. ATR,

    McHale had to make a move. He was going nowhere and KG was his only tradeable commodity. I think getting Al was a great pick up. And I think Ryan Gomes is a solid player.

    Can anyone replace KG? No. But I like Big Al. And you’re right…. people are looking at the C’s championship and saying Minny got robbed. They didn’t. The reality is, it wasn’t JUST the KG trade that made us champs last year, and Minny had KG for a decade without giving him a good enough supporting cast to win. Something had to change.

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