Bulls Got Beastondo’d

AP Photo

AP Photo

Ok, it’s not the best of the Perk/Rondo nicknames… but it tickles my fancy.  Call them what you want, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins absolutely destroyed the Chicago Bulls.

Perk had a career high 25 points and 8 rebounds (4 offensive).  He was the beneficiary of many of Rondo’s 15 assists.  He could have easily passed his career high of 17, but he didn’t play in the 4th quarter of this blowout.  Rondo also finished with 4 steals and 4 points in just under 30 minutes of play.

As for the Big 3:  Ray Allen was scorching again, hitting 5 of 9 three point attempts (10-18 overall) for 27 points.  He also logged a game-high 33 minutes.  KG had 17 points and 4 steals (but only 1 rebound) in 25 minutes, and Pierce had 16 points and 6 assists  on 6-9 shooting in 28 minutes.

All of those numbers show one thing:  The Celtics offense was humming.  The C’s shot 58% (45% 3pt fg) and had 40 assists on 50 field goals.  The 40 assists ties a building record.

The bench was terrible in the 2nd quarter, blowing a big lead and actually falling behind at one point as they let Chicago get blistering hot.  But Chicago had no answer for the C’s offense, and the Celtics clamped down on the boards.  Chicago had a 19-13 rebounding advantage at the half, but the C’s out-rebounded Chicago 22-12 after the break.

Bottom line:  C’s put up a season high 126 points, and blow out Chicago by 18… for their 17th straight win.

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13 Responses

  1. Just call ’em Stockton and Malone after tonight.

  2. the losers just got beat by miami they suck eggs no D in LA /Gasol choked

  3. losers got beat choke job

  4. What are the odds we see the “Kobe Bryant lip bite of defeat” on Christmas?

    Brandon Hansen

  5. I hate to do another correction, but you do mean the 25th win of the season right? You meant 17th straight win.

  6. dammit. Thanks. I changed it.

  7. if u drink enough you don’t notice that suff

  8. That’s what got me in trouble in the first place.

    Damn Sam Adams and their Holiday 12 packs! Not only does it make blogging hard… you should see how it affects shoveling 15 inches of snow

  9. Don’t drink that crap…. Magic Hat has a great holiday pack. I’m on #9

  10. Crap? Them’s fightin’ words…

    you’ve offended me sir. Now we must duel. Have at you!

  11. No duel. No mas. I quit like the Lakers will in 10 days. Dad always liked you best.

  12. Hah. Did I say duel? I meant drinking contest. And I like Magic Hat too.

    Here’s to good beer and another parade

  13. Parades are good my fine sir. Sometime in June, Boston will host one more as we beat the everlovin’ piss outta the LakeShow. They got beat by Wade and 4 guys from Petersburgh, Va? Drinks on you.

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