Playing It Cool

Everyone is well aware that the Celtics are G-D awesome.  They’re almost as awesome as that picture… and playing it almost as cool as that kid.  Scott Souza notes in the Globe OT, that you can’t ask the Celtics a question about their current streak or record without them going into full Belichick/Patriots “stick to the script” mode.

They take pride in the lack of awareness of something they view as insignificant to their ultimate goal. Asked last week about the streak — 15 straight games, fourth longest in franchise history as of Tuesday — Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he asked the players how long it was and was happy when only half of them knew the right answer.

Asked about it again a couple of days later, after a victory over the Jazz, the coach acted as if reporters had given him a problem straight out of advanced placement calculus.

“I just don’t even know, honestly,” he said.

Of course, they’re full of crap.  They know damn well how many wins they’ve had in a row, their record, the margin of victory in each of those games, and in which one Tony Allen bolted off the bench to drop a deuce (I’m pretty sure that actually happened, too).  But so long as they outwardly play the game, then I’m fine with it.  It at least shows they are well aware of what WE think… and they’re well aware of  how meaningless all of this November/December success will be if they’re eating jalapeno poppers at a TGI Fridays and watching Cavs-Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.  It’s almost as if the media questions are a check on their locker room egos.  The more they repeat the “I don’t care about a streak… that’s not our ultimate goal”… the more they are reminded of how true that really is.

(image via

This is pretty cool.  Paul Pierce is The Globe Magazine’s Bostonian of the Year

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3 Responses

  1. Nice pic haha!

    So I wonder if tonight will be a repeat of a year or two ago when it snowed so hard, barely anyone made it to the game…giving me an INSTANT upgrade! I’m pretty sure that was when the C’s SUCKED though so I bet more peeps will show up this time.

    Also, guess I can see the need for a Mutumbo for a “big” backup, but I do really like where we are at now. We beat the Cavs last year with the same bigs we have now and I think we can beat the Lakers AND Bynum with the bigs we have now.

    Bulls go down tonight! As much as I’d like a seat upgrade I would rather have the house PACKED and LOUD. So if you have a ticket I expect everyone to fight through the blizzard tonight!!!

  2. You know… I think the place is going to be empty. I hope the guys get to the arena on time.

  3. I’ll be there tonight.

    I’m looking forward to moving out of my season perch in 319 and scaring up some better seats down close.

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