Widen The Court!

Marty Burns tackles an issue that I, and many others have been advocating for quite some time.

It’s time to widen the basketball court.

He posed the question to Jerry West… and the logo isn’t opposed:

“I think it’s an intriguing idea,” West said. “There’d be some coaches, those who like to play quicker, who would relish it. But those coaches who like to play games with 85-75 [final scores], well, they sure don’t want a bigger court.”

I guess you’d probably count the current Celtics team in that latter group, but I still think the overall effect would be beneficial.  Widen the court, get some more spacing, and open things up a little.  It’ll get a little more offense going and make the game a lot more fun.  I’d love to see 2 feet on each side (making the dimensions 94 x 54)… but I’d settle for whatever we can get.

And for those of you who don’t know… Steve Nash is a total wise ass.  Here’s his latest contribution:  taking a shot at the Spurs while helping Mother Earth:

(via WithLeather)

On the sixth day of Christmas, The Celtics gave to me…

A 6 year deal for Rajon Rondo

Fiiiiiive minutes for Scaaaaaaaaal…….

4 monster blocks from Perk

3 point bombs from Ray and Eddie

2 straight Finals losses by the Lakers

and a ring for Tony Allen’s pinky!


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