Closing In


Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers may say the team isn’t paying any attention to “records” but we are. With a win tonight, the Celtics will equal the best start in NBA history: 26-2. Standing in our way; the 11-15 New York Knicks. They’ve lost 3 in a row and are allowing the second most points in the league (107 ppg). But they have the X-factor – Quentin Richardson:

An NBA scout sitting near the Knicks at the Nov. 18 game said (Quentin) Richardson told (Zack) Randolph after a timeout that he was getting in Pierce’s head.

Ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. A guy who averages more fouls than assists, a guy shooting 38-percent on the season, a guy who has never played a lick of defense in his life thinks he can get in Paul Pierce’s head? That is why Q will always be a loser.

The Celtics-Lakers game on Christmas has me feeling like a kid again. I’m giddy, for Christ’s sake. The Losers lost again last night (to Orlando) and their recent play has some fans not-so-thrilled with the Dec 25th matchup:

Dear Mr. Stern,

I’m writing you today to ask for a favor.  The Lakers are scheduled to play the Celtics on Christmas day, and well, they just aren’t ready.  So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind rescheduling the rematch between the Lakers and Celtics for sometime in January.  This would give the Lakers a chance to get out of their recent funk.  Consider it a Holiday gift to Lakers fans.

One Desperate Fan!

Ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Geez, I’m doing a lot of laughing this morning. Unfortunately, LA fans are coming around and realizing their team can’t run with the C’s and this awakening takes away some of the fun.

After the jump, a prime example of the media fellating Kobe Bryant, the rest of today’s links and a holiday photo…

Orlando beat the Lakers last night, 106-103. Kobe Bryant scored 41 points. Here’s the opening line to the Associated Press game recap found on ESPN:

Kobe Bryant did his job. The Orlando Magic did, too.

Shooting 14-31 FG is “doing his job?” Are you freakin’ serious? How about looking past the 41 points?

“They had three guys over at me every time [in the second half],” Bryant said. “When I get going, they send everybody.

Three guys, huh? Then maybe you should pass the ball. Seems to me you should have had more than 3 assists. And when Kobe is busy jacking up 31 shots, he doesn’t have much energy to play defense: 0 steals and 0 blocks in this game. Why can’t other people realize this?

Today’s Links: Globe – Miles Loved Boston | Herald – Champs More Than Just Talk | Magic Johnson is Excited | Rondo’s Blog – Helping Kids and the Snow | Newsday – Trash Day for Knicks in Boston | NY Post – Knicks Looking for Upset |LeBron May Sign Extension Early?


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