Knicks Get Big3LeonTA-Beastondo’d

Sorry for the bad headline, I’m just can’t get enough of the Beastondo nickname. This game was over in the first quarter after the Celtics shot 18-23 FG and led 40-21.

The Knicks made a run in the 2nd quarter, but Rondo (26 pts, 6 reb, 5 asst) made sure there would be no further damage by dropping 18 points (9-9 FG) in the 3rd quarter. Check the quarter play-by-play log and you’ll see “Rondo makes driving layup” repeatedly. Perk (12 pts, 12 reb, 4 blks) continues to do his thing in the post.

The bench play (39 pts) was solid. Hell, even Patrick O’Bryant scored a bucket on this horrible Knicks defense.

Things got chippy down the stretch. Nate Robinson committed a couple of hard fouls but the Celtics kept their cool. Although Tommy wanted to knock Nate’s teeth out with a hard pick.

A victory over Philly on Tuesday will set a franchise record for consecutive wins (19) and league record for the best start by a team with two losses. Make sense?

Box Score | Recap

Anyone doubt that Quentin Richardson will be talking up the fact that he scored 29 points against the Celtics on the team plane tonight?


7 Responses

  1. Ah Hahahaha That pictures great. Looks like a KG is thinking get your hands out my pocket. Looks like the Nate is begging for KG to let them win and KG is just walking by him like he’s a bum. Ha ha ha just so many different things funny about that pic.

  2. I would just like to note that 2 years ago the celtics lost 18 games in a row. Now we have won 18 in a row, just two years later. What a great turnaround!!

  3. Rondo played like he had a 10″ cock tonight. Amazing to see his progression in 2+ years.

    I’m getting so tired of CSN: Comcast Sellout Network. They’ve got a different sponsor for all ten of their segments and it makes me sick. They never give us the entire press conference and they usually miss the beginning, which is usually the funniest part. I pledge to watch TNT or ESPN over them whenever possible.

  4. weak bill…you’d rather watch 1000 frank tv commercialson tnt or abc sitcoms on espn commercials than have legal seafood trivia or honey dew donuts dew list with tommy and mike??

    your outta your mind

  5. Bill, you’re out of your mind.

  6. You guys don’t think that the level of advertising has gone up year over year from when Comcast took over the network from Fox? I was able to deal with it until they repeatedly showed only a fraction of the post-game press conferences because they had to get their damn sponsorship messages in. I missed Doc’s exchange about Bolt on Friday and we didn’t get all of Doc’s or KG and Paul’s press conferences last night. And last night with Paul and KG was the best I’d ever seen. That exchange about the boots was hilarious. And the part where a reporter told Paul that in the 2nd quarter they shot 80+% and Paul cut him off by saying they want 100% and he tapped the table was like a coach in a player’s body. I love hearing them talk about the game and we could get more of it if the network didn’t cater to sponsors so much.

    For the record, Mike Gorman is one of the best in the game.

  7. Bill, I hear ya about the post game news conferences. I’d like to see the whole thing too.

    But my unsolicited advice to you about the sponsorships is to get used to it. Advertising is way down in this economy, and every TV station… even those that broadcast games… are looking anywhere they can for money. CSN is not alone. Maybe ESPN is a little different because they pretty much have a monopoly on nationally televised pro sports… but that might not even last long

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