DWill Is Voting Rondo

Deron Williams was asked on Fanhouse about the best point guards in the east.

DW: I got Devin Harris up there, I got Rajon Rondo.

MW: Who’s your pick for the All-Star game?
DW: Those two. Those two, and Iverson’s probably going to be voted in by the fans, but I’ll pick those two next.

See?  Be like Deron Williams…


17 Responses

  1. anybody know where to get reliable tickets for cheap on the net for this Christmas game?

  2. so i see you guys are doing real well, trying to challenge my bulls eh? according to espn poll, 82% of those who voted believe that the bulls would beat this celtics team in a playoff series. i believe it too. your team won’t reach 72 wins, that’s for sure. mj would have hit game winner after game winner against the celtics in the playoffs. i would predict a 4-2 series, chicago. if only your team would have been dominant during the 90s, we would have beaten you guys year after year. a perfect 6-0 for the bulls. i am not even factoring in that mj retired and then came back late, or else it would have been 8 straight championships for the bulls.

  3. I love the Beastondo’d name for the Perk and Rondo duo. When are the shirts coming out?

  4. the shirts will come out when the celtics win 6 straight championships.

  5. “MJ’s Ambassador” The C’s already won 8 straight :)

  6. Yo listen her e my man… the bulls didnt win 8 straight not even 6 straight….. they won 3 and then a few years later won another 3.

    granted 3 + 3 is 6 but 3 and then 3 is not 5 in a row that is a fact my man.. so if the celts win 72 + games than we win fair and square and thats the end of it for sure.

    and dino raja would absolutely kill toni kukoc in one on one that is undeiable……. dino would just back him down and do the fadaway jumper from 4 feet every time just like he did in nba shootout 97…. jordan is the greatest but he couldnt even beat dno in one on one that move was so unstoppable and the funny thing is that u know it.

  7. dude, you got to admit that the bulls had the most dominant team since the 60s celtics. three championships in the 80s don’t cut it and certainly one championship in this decade doesn’t cut it. josh, i am talking about the future, not the past. when they win 6 championships in a decade, then everyone will know that the celtics are back.

  8. No, you are talking about the past bringing up the 90’s Bulls teams… Anyways, I don’t like comparing teams from different eras, the game is played differently in every era, so there is no way to judge. The 90’s Bulls teams were awesome, there is no denying that, but would that team have won 6 Championships in the 80’s when there were no expansion teams watering down rosters, the game was more physical and there were several dominate teams? Who knows, but I doubt it. Does that take away from anything those Bulls teams did? No not one bit. That is why it is silly to come out of the woodwork (out of fear that a piece of your past might be overshadowed) and say “well they aren’t going to win 6 in a decade so they aren’t that good.” This is Boston, records for wins in a season don’t matter to us. Only World Championship banners. Right now we got 11 more than you, and won championships in now 4 different eras. You were only able to do it in 1 era, with the greatest player ever.

  9. Rondo is certainly great and getting greater all the time. But Rondo is not a flashy watch-me I’m-gonna-go-it-alone guy, which is what the All-Star game is all about. Furthermore, who gives a damn about the STUPID All-Star game? It’s a friggin beauty contest to get in and a silly show-off comedy at the game. I would rather have NO C’s go there… stay home, practice, rest, prep for what is REALLY important… and we all know what that is.
    Look…. Does anyone ever care or remember who won which All-Star game? Watta waste.

  10. Yeah, it would be great for him to go to the ASG and play with… Yi Jinlian? Devin Harris? Well, I say scrap it, let Kobe and Iverson go there and take their 40 guaranteed shots, while our players stay home, rest and get ready for the final part of the season.

  11. ’86 Celtics would have destroyed any and all Chicago Bulls teams. Without question. ’87 Lakers would have destroyed them as well. Same with ’89 Pistons. In fact, MJ couldn’t beat any of those teams until they got old.

  12. That Bulls couldn’t beat those teams until they got old is frankly a load of garbage. Was Jordan the same age as Bird and Johnson? Is it his fault he came into the league in 1984?

    Isiah was only 2 years older than MJ, MJ was the same age as Dumars and he was close in age to Rodman. The Bulls team as a whole was a pretty young team when they won the 1st time in 1991.

    And the NBA was much much more physical in the 90’s then it was in the 80’s.

  13. Bulls team was better and probably would have more than 6 straight if MJ wouldn’t have been forced to “retire” because of gambling.
    Though I think the NBA was much weaker back then with all the expansion.
    PEople have to start giving Ainge credit for drafting these guys.

  14. I give Ainge a A+. Bulls in the disscussion for greatest team of all time. Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Celtics win with defense Lakers win with offense good luck Kobe!

  15. yes mike, exactly what i was arguing if he hadn’t retired. we would have 8 championships, not 6. hakeem olajuwon would be championship-less. bigmck you say we couldn’t beat any of the celtics, pistons or lakers teams of those times, but we did beat the lakers in 91. i am just saying that if the bulls were at their peak in the 8os, they might not have won 6, but they would have snatched like 4 championships, denying the celtics and lakers from a few championships in the 8os.

  16. Showtime was on its last leg in ’91… Beating them in ’91 isn’t the same as beating them in ’84, ’85, ’87. Vlade Divac is not Kareem. Terry Teagle was not Micheal Cooper. Kurt Rambis was in Phoenix. That ’91 Lakers team was not an 80’s Lakers team.

    I could definitely see the 96 Bulls winning a title in the 80’s and the 92 team would have had a shot, but the others would be a bit of a stretch.

    But you can’t compare teams of different eras. The Bulls dominated the 90’s and the Lakers/Celtics dominated the 80’s that is just how it is and it isn’t going to change.

  17. Who doesn’t love the Celtics?!?!?! Honestly, KG, Pierce, Allen, Rondo and the bench… What a great group of guys. Repeat in 08-09!!!!

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