So… About That Bench

I hate to nitpick a team that is off to such an historic run.  But is anyone else concerned about how the bench is playing?  Here’s a look at the second quarter totals for December (working backwards):

  • Knicks 37 – C’s 26
  • Chicago 34 – C’s 24
  • Atlanta 22 – C’s 20
  • Utah 27 – C’s 15
  • New Orleans 19 – C’s 18
  • C’s 27 – Washington 18
  • Indiana 35 –  C’s 23
  • C’s 25 – Portland 15
  • C’s 29 – Indiana 24
  • Orlando 28 – C’s 20

10 games in December, all wins, and only 3 times did the Celtics second unit outscore their opponent.  Worse, they’ve given up 37, 35 and 34 point quarters.  They’ve also given up 28 and 27… all +100 point per game paces.  That’s not good enough on a defensive-minded team.

So what should the Celtics do about it?

Option 1: Keep on keepin’ on.

Doc could just keep doing what he’s doing, and hope that cohesiveness develops.

If Doc keeps on doing what he’s doing, maybe these guys can grow into a good enough unit to handle the “hold the lead” duties in the second quarter.

Option 2:  Change the rotations

Let’s be honest.  How often will that full second unit see the floor in the playoffs?

So if that’s going to be the case later, some might say you should start it now.  Get these guys used to their roles so they’re humming at maximum potential by playoff time.

I don’t think this is a matter of Posey or no Posey.  He might help, but I don’t think this is a matter of what one person is doing.  I think this is a matter of the Celtics giving 10 or 11 guys minutes.  I guess the question is… is it counter productive to give so many guys these minutes?  It’s an effort to give the starters rest… but the starters have to ultimately come back into a tight game… when they handed over a blowout.

One note:  Glen Davis is home after spending time in the hospital after a car wreck.  He suffered a concussion, so he might be out for a few days.  But more importantly, he should be fine.

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4 Responses

  1. Doc must have a grand plan, but those stats are frightening.

  2. Worried? Not really. Primarily it’s a waste of time as that can’t do anything huge about it except sign a player or two late like last season. 2nd, by definition the bench is weaker than the starters and other teams can’t compete with the Celts starting 5, so they play their starters against our bench. That tires them out and our starters blow them out in the 2nd half.

  3. Not sure if those comparisons are fair. Do most teams go with 4 subs and one starter for most of the 2nd quarter? What were those numbers last year w/ Posey?

    C’mon John – get those interns cracking on this research.

  4. […] We’ve talked about our bench before, and we’ll be talking about it again.  It’s a popular topic nowadays.  I’m not going to get all crazy about Eddie House backing up Rajon Rondo.  I don’t think that’s a main concern.  I think the main concern for the Celtics is their bench defense.  That is going to need fixing by playoff time. […]

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