History Made….Twice.

27-2: Best start to a season in NBA history.

19 consecutive wins: Longest winning streak in Celtics history.

It’s a good night when you can set both of those records. Philly had no chance to win this game. Maybe…if KG, Pierce and Ray all got stuck in traffic and missed the game (That nearly happened to Perk and Leon who didn’t arrive until a half-hour before tip due to the ridiculous traffic in and around the city).

The Celtics won this game (110-91) at the 3pt line (6-13 to Philly’s 0-10) and on the free throw line (29-34 FT to Philly’s 17-27).

As you can tell by the picture above, Big Baby is doing much better following his accident on the Mass Pike. His status for Thursday’s game won’t be decided for another day or so.

You think our fans are ready to thrash the Lakers? The “Beat LA” chant started midway through the 4th quarter.

FWIW, Mike Gorman said this Celtics team is better than the ’86 team.

Box Score | Recap

“Classic Boston…that’s whats up.” – KG on the Beat LA chant in the Garden.

Cheerleader pictures….after the jump.


14 Responses

  1. they are great, but let’s not get carzy about copmaring them to the 86 team come on.

  2. I’ll be there Thursday at Staples rockin’ my “Beat LA” shirt. The phony fans in LA have no clue what the C’s are going to do to them.

  3. Even if this C’s team repeats, I’ll have a hard time comparing them to the 86 team. The league was so much more competitive then….

  4. Who’s ready for Kobe’s bit lip of defeat?

    It’s like the Manning Face but less Gomer Pile-esque.

    Does anyone have predictions for the game. I’m going to say it’s close in the 1st half but Celts pull away and polish the Lakers off 110-95.

    What do you think?

    Brandon Hansen

  5. The league wasn’t really competitive in ’86 when you really look at it. Detroit didn’t make their switch to being an defensive team until the next year, Philly was a team in transition with their days as a contender at an end, Milwaukee was never going to win a title, and Atlanta was a much better team in ’87 and ’88.The West was Houston, the Lakers, and no one else close to their level. A 30 win team made the playoffs in ’86.

    Just because the team is old and won a long time ago don’t put them on some kind of pedestal as though they cant be surpassed. Anything can be surpassed especially in sports.

  6. phony fans? are you kidding me? more than half of your fans just bought their paul pierce jerseys last year. laker fans always fill the stands, win or lose. boston fans, however, chant mvp for kobe while riding a 18-game losing streak one year and then pretend to claim loyalty the next. pathetic. see you oh so “loyal fans” on christmas.

  7. Did anyone watch the end of this game. We all gave kobe such crap for dunking the ball at the end of the last game. Did anyone see eddie house drain a 3 with no time left. I love the celtics just think that whole kobe dunk thing was something anyone on the celtics would have done

  8. You know what I love about the garden..the spontaneous chants that erupt. Chants that are not forced on you by the jumbotron, even though the Garden personnel do many of those, which I guess you have to do during regular season games. The crowd for the 3-4 playoff games I went to last year, especially against Atlanta, was just phenomenal.

  9. Just notice something in the big baby pic. is he that hungrey he want to eat his own hand? or does he have an imaginary cheese-burger at The Bristol Lounge?

  10. Hey Lakerssss,

    Here is betting that at least a third of the Staples Center will be Celtics fans. You would N-E-V-E-R see that in Boston.

  11. Eddie House was doing his best impression of Kobe. LOL

  12. yeah, tell your bandwagon fans to get out of my city. whats worse than a boston-born bandwagon fan is a LA-born bandwagon fan.

  13. Lakersssss.. I happened to be at that Lakers Celtics game during the 18 game losing streak. It wasn’t Celtics fans chanting MVP, it was the maybe 150 or so Lakers fans at the game. One of which I pelted with a cup of ice from my soda and didn’t even get kicked out. So you can take that “Celtics fans chanting MVP for Kobe” and stick it up your ass. My friends and I were chanting “MVP” for Scal that night who was on fire.

    Also, I can assure you the Lakers fans on the T after the game, they didn’t have a very enjoyable ride to Crimebridge.

  14. 150 or not those fans were still pretty loud. That was a dark time in Celtics history hopefully never to return. By the way whats wrong with Cambridge?

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