Kobe Bryant… Still A D-Bag

The Lakers snapped a 2 game losing streak last night in a tough game against Memphis.  Nothing unusual there.  Memphis has some talent… they played LA tough… and LA pulled it out in the last few minutes.  Good for them.

The Lakers had pushed it to 103-96 with 3 seconds left when Kobe stole the ball.  What does Kobe do?  Dribble out the last couple of seconds, shake someone’s hand, show respect for a hard fought game, and head for the showers?  Nope.  Kobe goes into full Massengil mode… and sprints the length of the court so he can get one last dunk in.  F-You Memphis.

Those 3 little seconds speak VOLUMES about Kobe.  He can try to rehab his image all he wants.  This was a visceral moment.  This was a gut reaction.  This is who Kobe is.  Selfish and classless.

The NBA has a new crop of “Where Amazing Happens” spots.  Slam has 3 of them.  Not bad.  I want to believe that the punchline in this spot is because Pau Gasol pissed himself as he heads into a game against the Celtics.

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22 Responses

  1. “full Massengil mode…” Ahh hahahahahaha!

    The Massengil man. You should design one of your great shirts around that theme.

    Kobe truly is the Douche man.

  2. Dear lord I hate him.

    What would have been amazing is if he blew out his knee or something a-la Tony Allen trying to score like that when it didn’t matter…


  3. My favorite Lakers stat:

    “The Lakers are 8-5 when Bryant attempts more than 20 shots. They are 14-0 when he attempts less than 20 shots.”

    Too bad Kobe’s ego won’t allow for more of those less than 20 shot games…

  4. Just two more days until the Celtics take care of him. See how humble he will be after the Lakers get beat by 15+ points.

  5. Listen, I’m a celtics fan, but you have to tone down the hate on Kobe. You’re telling me you don’t see Paul Pierce doing that, or Kevin Garnett? They poured it on the lakers in game 6 last year during garbage time. And to a previous comment, do not hope for injuries on players. That to me is being a douche. And Memphis might have fouled Kobe after he stole the ball so why not just run all the way down an dunk it to end the game instead of wasting more time.

  6. Sorry, I’m not normally one to wish an injury upon ANYONE…its just that the hate runs so deep I can’t control myself sometimes…

    And pouring it on in the finals against your arch rival is one thing. Doing it during a regular season game against the GRIZZ with 3 seconds left is another…

  7. Look, I’m a Celtics fan, NEVER TONE DOWN THE HATE FOR KOBE, please.

    I would like to place an order for a KoMe the Massengil Man T-shirt.

  8. John, here’s the difference.

    Scoring a ton of points in the third and early 4th quarter of a game… especially when your opponent has quit… is part of the game. You can’t expect a team to just take a bunch of 24 second violations to end the game.

    However, having the ball on a breakaway with 3 seconds left and a 7 point lead… the sportsmanlike thing to do would be just dribble to a corner and run out the clock. The game is over.

    To me, that’s disrespectful. That’s kicking someone when he’s down. An extra punch after the knockout.

  9. While I hate “The Sodomizer” as much as anyone else. I don’t think it’s his job to not score, even in the final seconds. Yes, the classier thing to do would have been to dribble out the clock, but I don’t think anyone expects the Griz would have done differently. Let’s hate him for the myriad of other reasons to hate Kobe Bryant.

    Also, why aren’t you guys entering our photoshop contest?

  10. I’m having some issues with my photoshop computer.

  11. Yeah, hate Kobe for the other 101 reasons he’s an ass, but don’t hate players for not letting the other team that’s full of millionaires as well lose “gracefully” …the other team gets paid to play too …if Memphis didn’t want to get a dunk from the Lakers in the last few seconds then “they” should have dribbled it out

  12. Stay classy Celtic fans. Wishing injury upon anoter player always comes back ugly on your end. It started with Tom Brady, it wouls really suck if KG went down like that.

  13. How soon we all forgot this imfamous page


  14. Randy, you should read the threads on the message board on Kobe’s site from during the finals. Lakers fans were wishing much worse than injury to C’s players when they were getting embarrassed off the court last June.

    That being said, I don’t one that guy hurt, so there are NO EXCUSES when they get sent home crying again.

  15. Lakers fans=whiners

    It never stops. LOL

  16. I’m sure Lakers fans were whining when KG did that, so you can see why Celtics fans who hate the Lakers would say something about this. Don’t act like Celtic fans are hypocritical when you know that you Laker fans are as well.

  17. Laker Fans support slime balls as heroes. And Faker fans are the biggest bandwagoners. You might as well call yourselves “America’s Team” lol

    Read bottom of page! Appears Kobe likes to shoot on faces as well as nets


    Have fun worshipping Bynum this year

  18. Bandwagoners? LOL What does that have to do with anything

    Laker fan= delusional

  19. Exactly Title is ours. They can also watch how their team is not as good as certain others.

  20. You’re right, I jumped on the bandwagon, in about 1978, haven’t got off it yet. I even had an Eric Montross jersey. This blog started when the C’s were pretty awful, pretty sure you are barking up the wrong tree looking for bandwagon fans. As if the Lakers don’t have any or anything….

  21. I understand that Kobe has douche-like tendencies, but KG and Paul Pierce are equally as douchelike. KG talks so much shit to everyone, thinks he’s unstoppable, and Paul Pierce likens himself to the greats of the NBA. If he shot better than 40% from the field, maybe he wouldn’t have to make desperation shots to win the game.

  22. A nice video on how great Kobe is and why the Celtics defense is so affective in stopping him.

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